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G'day Simon

Thank you for adding your 2-bob's worth

Like you with The lens I found was one of the 200's strong points... not least being able to zip out to wide angle at the flick of a wrist... I also find the versatility of the lens / camera combo to be 'amazing'

While the advantages [along with the expense] of a superb brand-name lens are always evident, my experience is that our superzoom lenses can produce a pretty good image for a fraction of the expense ~ and sometimes it would be nice for the media to acknowledge this without poo-pooing all superzoom cameras as 'rubbish'

Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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bernabeu- going to an X10 isn't a "down"... it's a change of direction...
Nice little camera- and I'd like one myself... or maybe the X20...

Indeed Ozzie... to label a superzoom/bridge as "rubbish" is nonsense.
In the right hands they can produce thoroughly decent images.

I could go into the many "pros" of such a camera- but we've done that before... several times...

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x10 (fixed lens 'minizoom') - minipod - cable release - looking up - 23mm equiv - aspect corrected with DIP9 - iso 200 - P mode

subject approx. 36" high

the modern consumer zooms are real close to typical 'pro' glass

(except maybe Hassy or Zeitz)

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