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JimC Oct 4, 2005 12:05 PM

Fuji has issued a service advisory that owners of the Finepix A303, F410, and F700 should read, checking to see if their camera's serial number is impacted:

Fuji Service Advisory for the Finepix A303, F410 and F700

2008-10-20 Update: Since the link to that advisory is no longer working. I'm inserting a copy of it including the serial numbers here.



Service Advisory to Owners of the FinePix A303, F410, and F700 Digital Cameras

Thank you for your patronage of Fujifilm FinePix digital cameras.

FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. announces that some of the FinePix A303, F410, and F700 digital camera models may develop a problem with the CCD imaging sensor. However, the problem affects a limited number of units and may not occur in all cameras.

The symptoms are captured images that appear completely black, have a purplish cast or multi- colored distortions. These symptoms would be seen on the camera LCD monitor when the camera is in the shooting mode or during playback. A limited number of these models will have these problems. The following list of serial numbers and model names may be affected:

Model Serial Number Range
FinePix A303 3JA4****~3JA5****
FinePix F410 32A1****
FinePix F700 33A0****

Serial numbers are found on the bottom of the cameras

If your camera serial number is on the list and experiences the symptoms described above and have no other additional damage/malfunction, FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. will repair your camera at no charge, even if your standard one-year limited warranty has expired. If your camera is beyond the standard one year, limited warranty period, you will receive a written estimate for any additional damages or malfunctions not listed in this Service Advisory.

This announcement is issued by FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. and is limited to only those Fujifilm products imported to the U.S.A. by FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. and sold by FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. to authorized dealers.

Package the camera carefully using ample padded material to prevent damage in transit. Include your name, address and phone number with the shipment as well as a general description of the problem. Keep a record of the camera's serial number and shipment tracking number. Ship your camera to the Fuji Service Center noted below:

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.
1100 King George Post Rd.
Edison, NJ 08837
Attn: Camera Repair Dept./CCD Advisory

saiko Oct 14, 2005 11:58 PM

I am having a ver simalar problem with my S7000,posted here

Could u please help me finding their email?

benjaserrano Nov 28, 2005 6:26 AM

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I am having exactly the same problem:

When my F700 was 11 months old it started to show a random multi-coloured distortion. Later the problem become more more frequent. Finally I could not use the camera at all. Now the screen is always black (no distortion at all, but black). The problem I have is that my F700 serial number is not included in the list:sad: and my 1 year warranty is over. My serial numeber starts at 32A0**** instead of 33A0**** or 34A1.

¿Is anyone having the same problem?

If you have the same problem PLEASE POST IT .


Up to the present moment we have found evidence of malfunction in cameras whose serials were not included in the Fuji (US) Service Advisory: 32A0****; 33A3****; 33L0****; 33A1****.

Edited 2:
Fuji is replacing the faulty F700 cameras with brand new F-10s even if its serial number does not fit in the Service Advisory. Kudos for Fuji :cool:

shiggi7 Nov 29, 2005 11:12 AM

Yes, I'm having the same problem with my F700 - serial number is not in the range Fuji stated, but the camera suddenly went dark three weeks ago while sitting on my desk less than two years after I purchased it. Out of warranty, very lightly used, and worthless. Maddening. My camera's serial number 33A30xxx.

Updated Jan 12 06: Fuji replaced the camera with an F10.

benjaserrano Dec 1, 2005 5:40 AM

Edited: I ve got the Fuji answer:

They have replaced my F700 with a brand new F10. I think Fuji has done the correct thing. Well done by Fuji. (My serial number was not included in the Service Advisory and my 1 year warranty was over).

benjaserrano Dec 5, 2005 1:08 PM

In Spain the F700 serial theoretically affected by the faulty CCD is 33L0****

Here it is the Service Advisory (in spanish):

Fecha: 04.10.2005

Aviso a los propietarios de FinePix F410 y F700

Fujifilm España anuncia que algunas cámaras FinePix F410 y F700 han desarrollado una incidencia con el sensor de imagen CCD. Ésta sólo afecta a un número limitado de unidades.
Los s*ntomas detectados se muestran cuando las imágenes aparecen completamente negras o con distorsiones de color. Estos s*ntomas se pueden observar en el monitor LCD de la cámara en modo disparo o durante la visualización de las imágenes.
Las cámaras con los siguientes números de serie* podr*an estar afectadas:
FinePix F410: Números de serie que comiencen por 32A1, 32A6 y 32A7
FinePix F700: Número de serie 33L0
*El número de serie de su cámara lo podrá ver en la parte inferior de la misma.
Si el número de serie de su cámara figura en la lista y su equipo experimenta los s*ntomas descritos y no sufre ningún otro daño o mal funcionamiento adicionales, Fujifilm España reparará su cámara sin cargo, aun cuando su per*odo de garant*a haya terminado.
Fujifilm España lamenta las molestias que esto le haya podido ocasionar y pone a su disposición sus datos de contacto para más información.
Teléfono de atención al cliente: 902 012 535
Horario: de 10 a 14 h. de 16 a 20 h.
E-mail: [email protected]

paulplatt Jan 1, 2006 5:28 PM

My camera is outside of the serial number range but it has gone completely bad. My F700 has the screen "torn" inton multicolor streaks. It sounds like the same problem. I hope they will fix it. The camera is out of warranty.


benjaserrano Jan 2, 2006 12:02 PM

Paul, check if your problem fits the known malfunction at;forum_id=16
and if so, please post your serial number.

bob_leitch Jan 19, 2006 10:21 AM


My friend has a fuji a310 with exactly this problem - his screen looks identical to the screen shot above. Would it be worth his while returning it to Fuji UK? I know it's around two years old, but it just went like this with no explanation. If any of you guys can tell me who I might contact in the UK on his behalf I'd really appreciate it.


BowerR64 Feb 1, 2006 3:48 AM

This is messed up but atleast the are admitting they know there is a problem.

I remember a few years ago there was a company that had a head designer that stole a formula to a chemical for capacitors. He couldnt remember the exact formula so theyjust took a guess on the formula.This company sold these caps to alot of major electronics builders and alot of electronics went bad because of these caps. I had a motherboard made by abit and the caps would just randomly explode after a certin amount of time or hours of use.

Everything is similar to whats happening with these CCDs, they waited till its almost to late where most of the people who owned the defective items have already moved on or upgraded so there isnt very many who care anymore.They kept it fairly quiet and only those that are really serious about these issues know whats up.

I remember when my motherboard caps went bad and it sounded like a firecracker went off in my room. It took me a few months to figure out what happened.

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