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Default Jammed Finepix 2800 ZOOM

8 months ago, I bought a Finepix 2800 ZOOM. I was quite saticfied with it - although the crappy LOWLIGHT LCD.
Just the other day, I was pickin' up the camera from my camerabag. As I switch it on, I heard a peculiar sound from the lensengine, the lens came out halfway and jammed. ZOOM ERROR! It got stucked and is now positioned slightly inclined.
I know for sure I haven't exposed it to any kind of violence, like droppin' or bumpin' the camera on to something.
With that in mind, I went to the Fujifilm Repairshop just to get: That is due to outer damage - there's no way to repair this on the warranty. It'll cost ya 3500 SKR (about 433 USD).
Boy - am I crackin' up - I paid about 4000 SKR (about 495 USD) for the camera in the first place! I'm thinkin' about speakin' to the National Board for Consumer Policies. Anyone who think that'll help?

Regards / Mattias
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Old Jul 7, 2003, 5:47 PM   #2
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My recomendation is to call fuji before making so much effort with consumer affairs. By law that camera has to be repaired or replaced if you did not do anything to damage it.
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Old Jul 11, 2003, 4:44 PM   #3
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My last name is Westerdahl - my family tells me its Norwegian. Now that I know your laws about purchases, I may want to come back home! Two years? It makesperfect sense to me - I think we should a drive going to get our Senators and Congressman involved on this here in the US!
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Old Jul 13, 2003, 5:40 PM   #4
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If you've got no choice on the warranty, take it to a decent watch maker(there are a few around still) and see what they can tell you. I know from reading the posts from a 'dismantler' on another forum that sometimes these mechanisms can be unjammed. They are sometimes accessible at the first level of dismantling as well - without going too far into the bowels.

I've heard the zoom mechanisms work on plastic gear teeth. There's always the possibility that something has actually broken, in which case only Fuji can supply the part. VOX
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Old Jul 21, 2003, 12:27 PM   #5
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I bought a 2800 about 18months ago. At that time the forums were full of similar reports to this - it seems that jammed lenses are a known problem with the 2800. If yours is under 1 year old, I think you should insist on the work being done under warranty.

My own 2800 is still going strong, but searches through this forum and the one on dp review should yield plenty of evidence to back up a claim.

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I have a 3800 and found ther camera taking shots at an angle .. and I must say, I have had BRILLIANT ciustomer service from Fuji Australia ... your problem MUST be rectified under warranty.
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Default RE: Jammed FinePix 2800 zoom

I have had my 2800 for 19 months and have not
had the jammed lens problem (knock on wood)
although I have read much about it.

One bit of advice I remember reading about is
this: Turn the camera UPSIDE DOWN and
try to power it on and off several times. Reports are
this has worked for some people. Give it a
try - it might work and apparently can't make
things any worse.
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