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overlook2521 Jun 6, 2005 8:22 PM

Hello, I just purchased my s5100 about 2 months ago. I upgraded from the e330. anyway, I want to buy a lens for my s5100. I've read a lot of forums but I'm still not sure what to get. Should I have a u/v lens? If so, what brand and modelwould fit my camera? I was thinking of buying the Wcon-07, but I've read things about it not fitting very well. Only a couple of threads hold it on. What fits and works well with the fujifilm s5100? I would be grateful if someone could tell me something or send me in the right direction. Thanks

jphess Jun 8, 2005 10:13 AM

Are you talking about lenses or filters? If you are talking about filters, about the only thing you need to know is that you need to purchase filters that are 55 mm in diameter. I think the primary reason for a UV filter is to provide protection for the lens. When I purchased my 5100, the company offered a three filter kit that included a polarizer filter, a UV filter, and a skylight filter. I purchased them and don't have any complaints. I haven't used them extensively, but as far as I know they are fine. You will want to attach the lens hood first, and then attach the filter to the front of the lens hood. And, you will find it necessary to purchase a different lens cap because the one that comes with the camera will not attach to the filter. I purchased a Quantaray lens cap for a couple of bucks that works just fine.

As far as the lenses are concerned, if I were purchasing one I would probably get the one from Fuji that is made specifically for the camera. I haven't looked into them very extensively, and don't know very much about them, but that would be my choice. Then, you would be sure they would fit and function properly.

overlook2521 Jun 8, 2005 10:46 PM

Thank you.

Guitarman Jun 9, 2005 9:12 AM

There is another alternative you could go too, which is what I did. I also have a Sony mvc-FD91, which has a 52mm lens front. I was searching around and found that Raynox makes a lens tube that fits the front of the S5000/S5100 that gives it a 52mm instead of a 55mm front thread. This tube is also metal, which I like a bit better than using the plastic Fuji one, although in all fairness to Fuji I've never had any trouble out of the plastic one. I think there is 52mm Olympus 2X lens you can get, but I don't remember the model number for it. Raynox also makes some pretty good 2X adaptor lenses, you might check into them. I just found that with the 52mm front I could use the filters I already had for my Sony, plus I found more of my local shops carry 52mm filters than they do the 55mm, although that may vary from one area to another. The model number on the Raynox lens tube is RT5249.

robbo Jun 9, 2005 9:23 AM

I have the Olympus TCON-17 for telephoto and the Olympus B-28 for wide angle. The former is available for under $100 from a number of online dealers. The latter is well over $100 if you buy it new, but refurbished you can get it on Ebay from Olympus for less than $60. They both work well and with 55 mm threads screw directly onto the S5100's lens adapter.

coldshot Sep 18, 2005 10:04 PM


Congratulation, you just upgraded to the S5100 and want to buy some filters and lens shade for it. So, you want to arm your S5100 to the teeth? The S5100 is a good camera to learn the art of photography to master a paticular technique to suit your shooting preferrence.

First, get the UV filter multi-coated, the least expensive one is from Sunpak selling for around eight or ten dollars, I don't remember. Don't buy the skylight filter, eventhough the two are serve the same purpose to protect the lens.

The S5100 takes 55mm size filters, however, I suggest younot to buy the55mm UV multi-coated, buy a one step-up ring of 55mm-62mm and one 62mm UV filter, then one 62mm lens shade to put over it. With the step-up ring you protect the thread on the original Fuji 55mm lens hood, the 62mm size lens shade is big, it makes the S5100 look very intimidate. From there on you can put one more filter for some special effect such as soft fucus, polarizer... if you wish. Don't worry about loosing sharpness when you stack up multiple filters on the lens, the original Fujinon lens can handle two filters at a time just fine. When shooting indoor take out the lens shade to avoid blocking the focus assist beam on the camera.

The lens shade is to minimize flare when shooting backlit subject where the sun is right in front of your camera. Let's try it. Pick late in the afternoon where the sun isat a low angle, it's the worst time to shoot, pratice shooting some backlit scene you choose, shoot and move, shoot and move, you constantly moving to see flare and adjust your position to eliminate it completely, keep moving and shooting until you master the art of shooting at the sun. The S5100 will help you fulfill your goal, it won't get hot when you rapid fire, not like some cameras tend to get hot after a few dozen shots cause heat in the lens mechanism and the focus system start to go out of wack. All cameras good or bad is in real life performance on the field in less than perfect weather conditions.

Master the technique shooting backlit scene will get you out of the hassle to be afraid of shooting side by side with the big boys later on and you will turn your S5100 into THE FAST AND FURIOUS machine.:-)


coldshot Sep 19, 2005 8:46 AM

My lousy internet server cut me off all the time, let me fill in some of the missing details.

The lens shade is to minimize lens flare not to eliminate completely. Hold your camera in one hand move around, look for flare, use your left hand to cover on top of your 62mm lens shade, tilt your left hand up and down until the flare is gone. When you feel confident to shoot backlight, it'll become your instinct along with your aggressive body movement, you need it when shooting among the crowd to nail your critical shots.

One more thing, buy the 62mm UV multicoated filter instead of non coated.


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