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Default Litght assist for focssing - S602

The focussing abilities of S602 in low light are really bad. I quite always have blured photos indoor.
Is it possible to add an accessory on the Flash hot shoe to enlight the scene in order to help for focussing? Is there any external flash with focus light assist capabilities?
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Go to the Hints & Tips section and read about kids laser pointers. I use my 602 indoors a lot without flash. Here's some more tips. The focusing system needs strong vertical and horizontal edges, so find some at the same shooting distance and 1/2 press the shutter to acquire focus, zooming on these can also help. But avoid too much zoom indoors, it reduces light input.

For indoor no flash, take the cam off auto and use 'P' mode or manual when you can use faster film speed settings. You will get increased noise above 200-400 ASA, but depending on the size of print, you can clean up some of this in editing.

Some cams have pre-flash to setup the focus first. NOW I haven't tried the redeye option to see if it will grab focus on the first flash. I vaguely remember reading the 602 uses both visible and infra red detection for ranging the focus. You could try a super bright led or IR emitter, but would need a batt for it. What about one of those small white led light key rings if you haven't got a laser pointer?
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