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I really lucked out on this camera ... turned out it was one of the offeringsin my husband's "reward points" account that he earned through his work. He was nice enough to let me pick out whatever I wanted from the catalog, and I picked the Fuji Finepix S9000! (I had been looking seriously at the Canon G6, but I think I will be just as happy with the Fuji -- without having to shell out cold hard cash). It is now on order, and I expect it to arrive within the next week or two.

The S9000 comes with only a 16 MB memory card in the box, so of course I have been researching larger storage options. From what I can puzzle out from the Fuji website, this camera can use the following forms of media: (a) a regular CF card, either type I or type II; (b) a microdrive conforming to the CF+ Type II form factor; or (c) an Xd picture card.

(Please, experts, correct me if any of the above info is off base!)

What I'm unable to ascertain, since even the Fuji website doesn't yet include the full media compatibility specs for the S9000, is what the maximumSIZE (ingigabytes)of each type of media the camera will be capable of handling, and whether it should be in FAT 16 or 32. I would like to take advantage of the deal mentioned in another post at J&R.com, which is currently selling the Hitachi 4 GB Microdrive for $144.00 after rebate.

Or maybe I really don't need that much storage, and should just go with a regular compact flash card or the Xd picture cards? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, does anyone know whether this camera takes decent videos? I do not have a digital video cam -- can this camera stand in for one?

Thanks much,

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Carol: 4 gb mircodrive might be a little overkill to start with. Also I understand that they do not like rough handling. I've been looking at this camera also and already down loaded the manual. 512 XD card will yeild 113 9mF jpeg and 27 RAW Pge 27 manual. The video can shot 640x480 @30 fps the same as my E550 and they look pretty darn good. Also microdrives use more power then Xd cards. Other is the CF they to use more juice to store info. A 1 GB Xd card will store 228 pics 9mF or 54 Raw or 14.9 min video 640x480 30fps.

I hope this helps you.

The S9000 is looking to be I hot camera.

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Thanks so much for the reply. Your thoughts about the power consumption of the various formats were very helpful -- I hadn't even thought about that. I was also concerned about the possible frailty of the microdrive.

The xd card looks like a good one for me to start out with, so now I'm off to look for the best prices.

I'm really, really excited about the S9000 as I await its arrival. Consider the fact that this will be an upgrade frommy currentCanon PowershotA70 3.1 megapixel ... the 9000 appears to be a lot of camera for a relative beginner like me, but I'm eager to learn more and hope I can take advantage of most of the features of the camera as time goes by.

Thanks again!

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