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But what I am looking for is some detail. If you look at the crater near the bottom of this picture, and along the right hand side (as you look at it) there are craters that, in my opinion, have some pretty good detail. NOT PERFECT, I admit.

As far as the pixel doubling goes, it has something to do with the diagonal design of the Fuji pixels. I saw an explanation once, but it didn't make enough sense for me to try to explain it again here. Basically, s7raw, and perhaps a few other raw converters, misinterpret the pixel reading. But a lot of people seem to like to defend the larger size, comforting themselves into thinking they really have a 12 MP image when they don't.
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i don't get how your picture is so large.
our cameras have the same zoom (i'm not using digital zoom)
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This wasn't just a picture taking project. It was an experiment to see just how far I could push things to get as much as I could get. On this particular image I did not use digital zoom. The original image was a raw image taken with my Fuji S9000. It was processed with Adobe Camera Raw 4.1 and Photoshop CS3.

I did the initial sharpening and tonality adjustments in Camera Raw. Then I opened the image in Photoshop and used a plug-in that I purchased from Fred Miranda called Staircase Interpolation Pro. The plug-in allows you to incrementally increase the size of your image and apply some sharpening and other adjustments along the way. I processed the image with that plug-in, cropped the image, and then ran the plug-in again. Next, I cropped the image to the size I wanted for the Internet. Then I applied some selective sharpening to certain parts of the image. And finally, I used the Reduce Noise filter.

I don't know why I did all the steps as I described them. As I indicated, this was an experiment just to see what could be done. I know it isn't perfect. I'm not sure the area that "looks" pixelated is in reality all that pixelated. But these results that I have been sharing here have motivated me to try to some other techniques.
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