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Default Motorsport Photo Tips

Hi All

Newbie with the S602 Pro here. I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to offer me some tips with regards to shooting Motorsport action shots.

I am attending quite a few motorsport events this month and next, and want to get the best possible photo's I can. So, can anyone recommend the best settings, ISO etc. How to get the best angles, what I should be aiming for when taking the photo's when the cars/bikes are moving at high speeds?

Any kind of advice such as that, and more would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Default Motorsport Photo Tips

Sounds like you are going to have a good time. First thing I would try to be in a postion where I can move around. It's okay to shoot from the same spot but it is more interesting to be able to get to different paces around the track. As for camera settings, personally I would use an ISO of 400, nothing lower. If you want to stop the action set your shutter speed as high as possible. If you want to show speed use a slower shutter speed and pan (focus on the car or bike follow it as you are taking pics). Above all look for the unexpected, don't get caught focusing on one thing. I am sure you will get a lot more advice for others.
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Thanks alot for the advice K1par, muchly appreciated . If anyone else has some tips I would love to hear them please, thanks .
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On this topic, and since I haven't had the chance to take motion pictures yet of the motorports extreme, how has the slow refresh rate of the displays affected those who have been taking these kinds of shots? I've noticed that panning the camera is horrible when trying to follow a fast moving object and keeping it centered in view. (I have a 602).
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Default No problem

Use Manual W/B, Manual exposure, Aperature Priority or Shutter Priority, Manual focus and pre-focus on a point where the subject will pass by. Pick up subject in the viewfinder, press shutter half down, and follow. Click shutter fully when subject reaches the pre-focused point and follow threw (DO NOT STOP as soon as you click the shutter).
Use ISO400 and an aperature above f5.6..

Shutting off the auto features will stop the viewfinder from cutting out on you while panning with the subject......

Good Luck and have fun...[/img]
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Hi Optika,

I hope you find the following tips useful.

Mark's Motorsport Photography Tips

Firstly, the S602 is more than capable of taking excellent motorsport shots. However, if you turn up, sit down and start shooting you probably won't get much to shout about. A little forward planning will make all the difference.

What you can do will be determined to a large extent by the kind of event you are going to. If you have a grandstand seat you won't have too many options. But if you can move around the circuit and choose your spot then get there early, walk around it and find the best places to shoot from. Talk to the marshals, they've seen it all before.

Take a fold-up seat (I always forget this vital piece of kit) ;-p

You will want to get as close to the debris fence as you can, and may end up shooting through a hole in it (if the marshals will let you). If you are panning, choose a slower shutter speed and forget the fence, it will be blurred out of existence!

I almost always shoot in Continuous/Burst mode, but your media capacity will probably determine this point for you. If the lap is long you should have time to review and delete before the cars come around again.

Position yourself at the end of a straight, looking down it with the cars racing towards you. Full zoom will compress the distance and bunch the cars together in the frame. You can often catch tyre smoke pouring from a locked wheel as they try to outbrake each other. The end of the start/finish straight is usually a good spot.

Shoot from here for a few laps, you'll get the start, the fight into the first turn and all of the cars will be close together. Then you can move to another spot.

Look for a fast corner or chicane where the drivers are inclined to take as much kerb on the inside as they can get away with. This can lift them up on two wheels and makes for a very dramatic shot.

Go to the practice/warm up/qualifying sessions, you might notice a part of the circuit that the drivers find particularly tricky. Crashes are a big part of motorsport photography, but you have to know where to expect them.

If you can get into the Paddock/Pit area you can get some great texture/atmosphere/driver shots. Teams will often give you better access if you ask nicely if you can take a few photos. Don't be afraid to stick your neck out. Learn the driver's names and ask for them!

Most important of all ... have fun!

Emotive Images

Taken with a Fuji Finepix S304
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On a 602 you must master the last 5 frame shot mode and put the 602 into preview mode for this type of work. Manual focus and white balance settings will reduce shutter lag times.
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