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I have had my Fuji s6000fd since Thursday of last week, and I have been taking many photos to get a feel for the camera. So far, I love how it handles, feels, etc. The body is very sturdy, and has no creaks in it. The memory door does seem a little flimsy when open, but closes securily with a good latch. I don't see this as a future trouble spot. All controls and buttons are well placed and have good feel to them.

The awesome thing about this camera is that it has many advanced features that put it near dSLR control. (not at) However, the automatic and P modes are very good for point and shooting and for amertures. The auto ISO in the auto and SP modes actually works very well, only cranking the ISO when needed unlike most cameras. ie, if you are in a moderately lit room, instead of cranking the ISO to 1600 to get a 1/160 shutter speed, it will set at ISO400 go get a 1/40 shutter speed, which is sufficient, according the camera, for the user to hold it still. With the flash, the auto ISO adjust based on distance, ambiant lighting, etc. However, myself, and most other enthusiests will stick with P, S, A, and M modes most of the time, adjusting the ISO ourselves. The only flaw I found in auto and some SP modes is the tendancy to over expose some shots, esspecially those outdoors.

While I have not used face detection a whole lot yet, it seems to work very well, but only on humans sadly. My cat was not detected. On occassion, a face is not detected when I thought it should have been, but for a new technology, it actually works quite well, and I hope they continue to improve upon it. At least it is more than a gimmick.

And now, a word on noise. I am a stickler for noise, which is why my other camera before this was an F10. The S6000 has excellent noise levels from ISO100-400. I honestly believe a photo from this camera at ISO400 could beat a comparable Panasonic super zoom at ISO100 in noise and detail. However, ISO800 and above, noise becomes to come in, as expected. But noise is different in this camera than the F10. At ISO800, the image is cleaner than my F10, though there tends to be more purple blogish artifacts than the F10. It is weird, because in some shots, the purple is very prevelent and nearly ruins the image, however, in some shots, it is almost non existent. This leads me to believe that it is an artifact from noise processing, or that it is noise than in certain occassions slips past the filter. It becomes more noticible at higher ISOs, but not too much. Now don't get me wrong, most images captured at ISO800 will be very usable, some even at A4 size, but be prepared that some may have a little more purple than expected. Iregaurdless, ISO800 on this camera is still better than most other comapcts at ISO400, so you can't complain. I would say ISO1600 is about on par with the F10s, maybe slightly better, and ISO3200 is a last resort option, but I do not think they would look terrible as 4x6s.

The lens on the camera is amazing, albiet a little slow on the telephoto, it has very little CA and works smoothly and efficiently. The 28mm wide angle has slight barrel distortion, but after about 50mm, the image has no noticable distortion at all.

The flash is fantastic, as it has amazing reach and no redeye. I have not tried it yet, but you could probably take a picture of a large group in a low lit banquit, using ISO200, and get excellent exposure.

Battery life seems pretty good. I have taken over 250pictures, about 25% with flash, and the energizer e^2 Fuji gave me are still providing power, though they claim to be low. I ordered some MAHA 2700maH batteries to replace them, and I am hoping for even better life with them.

Overall, a great camera, worth the price, and I think one of the best super zooms available. No IS, but the camera is easy to hold still, and the ISO capabilities vs the competition make up for it. If fuji did put IS on a camera like this, it would be unstopable.

I have started a gallery, though photos are forced to be recompressed, it will help some of you see how the camera performs until steve gets his tests up. I will try to add more later.


Once I am no longer "testing" the camera, I will put photos on my regular page

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Thank you for an excellent review, James.

the Hun

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