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jphess Dec 26, 2005 10:17 AM

I have contributed to some of the different threads in this forum over the past few months. Some of you know that after I did a few test shots with my new S9000 it was confiscated and I didn't get it back until Christmas Day. So now I want to share my thoughts about the camera after my experience with it yesterday.

Between my S9000 and my S5100, and my son-in-law's Nikon D70 we took over 300 pictures yesterday. There isn't a single image from any camera that I want to share with this forum. But as family photos are concerned, we got many priceless images from all three cameras. But if I were to show them in this forum there would be concerns about the focus, blown highlights, excessive noise, poor flash, etc.. I have followed the different discussions where people are wondering if maybe a Panasonic camera, or a Canon, or a Nikon, or whatever would be a better choice. It seems that some people are expecting every picture to be technically perfect from the camera, needing no post processing whatsoever, almost ready to be to published. Compared to my 5100, the 9000 is much more responsive. It has a more powerful flash. It has some nice shooting modes. I got some nice natural light images. I compared my S9000 images with my son-in-law's Nikon images and really couldn't find any distinguishing differences. And I found that a little touching up with Photoshop improved images from all three cameras.

So I guess what I'm saying is, yes, I really like my new 9000. Do I think it's the best camera on the market? NO! Do I care? Not one bit. For me, the 9000 does everything I want it to. And if the picture isn't perfect then I need to figure out what I did wrong. Wondering whether another camera model or brand would have done a job better just isn't worth it. So now you realize just how unprofessional of a photographer I am. But this 9000 is just a whole lot of fun!!!

Ady_pitt Dec 26, 2005 11:28 AM

Well you have had a busy day " 300 photos". I am pleased to read your comments about the 9500 and appreciate that all cameras have many differing characteristics, ref S5100, and your son-in-law's Nikon D70. As you are aware the 9500 is a very serious camera requiring that the users have a good understanding of how to set shutter speed, ISO, F stops, natural light etc, also having to have an understand of how and when to make an informed choose about when and where to use the pre programmed setting which the 9500 offers. The only area that I feel that the 9500 is lacking is a bullet proof setting, for night shooting indoor or outdoor, an example of this mode would be shutter speed 1/60 sec no less! f.2.8 ISO 200 and auto flash. However, if the 9500 offered this feature would the more advanced user wish to purchase? The point I am trying to make is that the Fuji 9500 is very, very, sophisticated: requiring that the user has a little more than a basic understanding of digital photography, perhaps Fuji should put this information on the box? Please post some images from your fun day?
Well done for starting a thread with an impartial view about the 9500.

Monza76 Dec 26, 2005 12:18 PM

As a Fuji S7000 owner (and jphess, I got a new Pentax *istDL for Christmas, big surprize, haven't gotten over the shock yet) and a DSLR owner, and a Pentax Optio 33L (p&s) owner I have one observation, for typical "happy snaps" the only real advantages of the S9000 and a DSLR is the wider angle lens, other than that most modern pocket cameras are very well sorted for snapshots.

I remember reading all of the terrible reviews of the S7000, and then I bought one anyway because I could afford it, and it had features I wanted. I have never regretted that purchase, and despite lots of bad pictures (operator error) it has produced marvelous prints which grace lots of walls and photo albums (including a complete wedding shoot). Pixel peepers be darned, it is a great camera for producing great prints up to 11"X14" (and I think 16" X 20" is realistic especially when I saw what Photo Shop CS2 could do with a Fuji raw file, truly amazing!!). I see the S9000 as a greatly improved replacement (if anyone remembers some of my earlier posts last spring you might remember me asking for a real zoom, no more extending lens and faster start up, Fuji must have been listening) for the S7000. As for DSLRs, my new Pentax has tremendous potential but in snapshot mode it is no better than the S7000. I have read some reviews praising the Pentax image quality, and others condemning it, as jphess put it, "do I care? Not one bit!".

Enjoy your Christmas present and remember that, with practice, as Ady_pitt points out, you will start to unlock the technical excellence of this camera, as for the artistic side, we all struggle with that. I look forward to future posts.

Best regards in the season


bernabeu Dec 26, 2005 2:30 PM

agree 100%

s7000 for everyday 'snaps' (have some prints up to 16x20)

KM 7Dm for 'serious' tripod work (have some prints up to 20x30)

jphess Dec 26, 2005 4:33 PM


It seems to me from your comments that you don't think I'm sophisticated enough of a photographer to be using the 9000. I won't argue that point. I will state again that the camera performs the way I expect it to. I have had some good experiences with RAW images from the camera. But since I'm not as sophisticated as you and other photographers, I will not share any of my images. I know what I'm looking for. I know how to get what I'm looking for. But I guess that by your standards I will probably never really appreciate what I have. And I'm not going to worry about unlocking anything. You guys can debate the technical nuances all you want to. I'm just going to enjoy the camera.

KEV61 Dec 28, 2005 3:46 AM

To All:

Been following the threads on the S9x00, and read all the reviews. I bought the S9000 just before Thanksgiving and have taken about 1200 pictures with it. This is my third Fuji camera( fine pix 2800z and E550). There are things I like and donot like about the S9000. But I also know that I'm still learning about this camera. Sometimes the focus does not seem sharp and other times it is right on. The thing I find is I'm not watching my distance from the subject. I has been the same with the other two cameras. The E550 has over 4500 shots taken. So what I'm trying to say is the fun of take pictures with the s9000 will continue.Ira nice to hear you gettingthe pentax *istDL as aChristmas surprise.


SteveDak Dec 28, 2005 6:45 AM

Hi JP, Glad your still enjoying the new cam. I don't think Andy was having a go at you in any way, he was rather just passing an observation that the 9500 is a bit of a complicated beast to get to grips with and that Fuji should perhaps emphasise this point in their marketing of the product. I agree with him on this point - it is clear that many have bought the camera thinking it to be an all forgiving P&S in Auto mode, as well as something to grow into (if one is so inclined) throughthe PMAS modes. Sadly it appears that it is not quite as simple as this and hence the negative attitude toward the camera in many quarters.

Please post your photos - I liked the last one you did from your porch and I've learnt an awful lotfrom the Crit section of this forum. You can rely on me and probably Syd as well, to post something far worse than you can come up with! :G

In search of Syd Dec 28, 2005 7:59 AM

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Yes JP! You can certainly rely on me to post something dreadful.

I do intend to post a few pics from my third 9500 soon,shot in the various modes simply as an open test of sorts. Also, if after reading the exif data anyone can help me improve, that would be great and most welcome.

I think that a general misunderstanding has arisen in some quarters, inasmuch as some believe their are those that want to find fault with this camera. I believe those people actually, really don't want to find fault with the camera, but for one reason or another are feeling frustrated and saddened with their initial results and oron simple comparisions with their previous cameras for which the 9500 was to be an upgrade.

What I also believe, is that there are some who would absolutely, never, ever, admit to us openly if they did indeed find a fault with their beloved camera.

Monza76 Dec 28, 2005 8:27 AM

My experience (I am on my 5th digital camera, if you count the first Kodak I gave my wife as a Christmas gift many years ago), is that every new camera was a disappointment at first, the results were never as good as I had hoped for. Then I made prints and that finished it. Since each of my cameras represented an increase in resolution (except for the new DSLR which is just 6MP just like my S7000), the on screen images, at 100% at least, were more like magnified images, showing every flaw of the lens or focus (this was especially true when I got the S7000 since I was going from a 3MP camera before that).

I Stared at the screen images and thought about the money I wasted on this piece of junk, and then I printed an 8" X 10" just to see how bad it was. It was beautiful with more detail and than I was used to seeing in a digital print. The S7000 was a real photographic tool for producing marvelous prints, not impressing pixel peepers. After that I have been the first to speak out against the pixel peepers who rate a camera by how well 20% of an image looks on a 17" computer monitor, not many of us make 30" X 40" prints after all, and if we did we would stand just a little farther away to view them.

Take your image, do a little "levels" adjustment, apply just a little unsharp mask and print them as 8" X 10", if they still don't look good it is time to look for a reason.


Clyde Atkinson Dec 28, 2005 9:43 AM

Hi Ira,

Glad to see you still posting here! I agree that the best way to judge your results is with prints, while monitors have made great strides, IMO they have not caught up to prints, and viewing pics at 100% on a monitor is even more ludicrous than viewing resized pics on the monitor. While most of my S7k pics look good on my monitor, it is when they are printed that they truly look magnificent. Happy shooting with your new cam!! And please keep visiting this forum as your experience/wisdom is often a calming influence here.


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