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Hello All,

I have had my Fuji S9000 ( S9500 ) since October 8, 2005.

I present my Production / Real Life Reviewin the form of images from the camera under varying circumstances.

As they say "A picture is worth a Thousand words".

Please read the briefintroduction on each gallery for details of each shoot.

1) Extreme Shutterlag Test:

2) My S9000 was on Macro mode:

3) Moving Object Test:

4) Landscape Images:


5) Street / Journalism: Halloween Parade:

6) A Family Wedding, shot only from my seat in the Church and at the catering hall:


7) Photo Expo 2005 Model and other subjects:


8) Original images and 100% crops from them:

9) Extreme Built-in Flash Test:

10) My First Day Shooting with the S9000

11) Panoramic Images:

I hope you find my imagesuseful in your evaluation of the Fuji S9000 ( S9500 ).

Once you master the camer's menu and handling requirements, it is very easy to use.
The S9000 alows you to work fluidly (unless you shoot RAW which delays write time).

I can Highly Recommend the camera if your shooting interests are similar to mine,
with the most important issue being : "Capturing the Moment".

Regards, Nicholas
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Old Nov 13, 2005, 5:37 PM   #2
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Some very nice shots there. Very inspiring.

As I'm new to photography as a whole and also a 'newbie' with the S9500, your post has been very helpful. Thanks.
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Old Nov 13, 2005, 8:18 PM   #3
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The S9500/9000 has a one contact hotshoe for external flash and a pc socket near the bottom of the lens for studio shoot, or a second flash on bracket. To test both features, I usedthe small Vivitar 252 on hotshoe and the Sunpak 383 on bracket,then fired away, both flash work fine. In some situation you want to work with two flash to distribute light evenly in the pictures, one on hotshoe for frontal subject, the second on bracket head up to bounce the light all the way to the wall of the reception/diner hall.

So, thiscameracan handle two high trigger voltage flash at the same time just fine. The S9500/9000 is smooth operator.:-)

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Old Nov 14, 2005, 9:15 PM   #4
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You got some nice shots there. I've been reading up on this camera, as my dad is interested in a camera ust for him, but he needs a very wide angle for taking pictures of closets.

I really like the coloring this camera produces, but the high ISO modes are somewhat disapointing compared to the F10 Fuji just sent me. One would think with larger optics, they could do a better job, but I guess they are reaching the limitations of that sized sensor at 9MP.

Other than the noise in some shots, it is a very impressive camera. I esspecially like your uniglobe picture.

It seems you are a professional photographer with your own site and all those pics. I was just curious if you happened to know of a small freebie site that I could link to that would display some of my favorite photos so neatly. I use photobucket for photo hosting, but it is not very visitor friendly.
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Hello Jake,

You have the right camera to start learning photography.You can do almost everything including multiple exposures.



I will definitely try triggering two flashes as you report is possible.


Carsick ( like that name ),

Don't worry about pixel visible noise, it doesn't show on prints. I also just started using NeatImage, a great noise elimination program ( better than my noiseNinja ).

A good friendly photo enviorment with good critiques of your photos can be found at Photo.net:


It is "free" unless you overload your gallery. Check it out and let us know if you try it.

Regards, Nicholas
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