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Hi everyone, I am new to posting here but come here all the time to learn...thanks to everyone for that!

I have the S5100 and have taken at least 2000 pictures with it. It is only 2 years old. Sometimes the pictures turn out to have a pink cast and also on the view finder there will be pinkish lines going upwards from the bottom. I love this camera and hope it is something that is fixable- opinions please!

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2000 pictures really isn't all that many. I took my 5100 to Alaska a couple of summers ago and took that many in just one week. My daughter borrowed the camera recently for a trip she took, and she took more than 500 pictures. Is there a pattern you can recognize when you get a bad picture? By that, I mean is there something consistent that is causing the problem? If not, then it is possible that your sensor has gone bad. And it would probably be cheaper to get a new 5200 than the try to have your 5100 repaired. I realize that isn't what you want to hear. But cameras at this level should probably be regarded as disposable cameras. I still have my 5100 and use it occasionally and like it. I also have a 9000 and I have enjoyed using it. But it really is a poorly built camera that has kind of put me off about ever purchasing another Fuji camera.
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It would be cheaper to buy the Fuji S5200 than to get your S5100 fixed and all your memory cards and accessories will work with it. 2000 photos isn't that many. I use it to take pictures of fires, rescue and such and the photos come out very very good.

I had an Olympus C-740 that devloped the same problem and that was after 40,000 images with t so I replaced it with the Fuji S5200. In Novt 2005 when I changed cameras that was cheaoer than just the labor to have the Olympus repaired.

Also if you need more resolution the Fuji S6000 and 9000 are also great camera. For my work I just need 4 to 5mp so thw S5200 is working out great for me. Since November I have taken 5,500 photos with it and almost all of them have been keepers. Use the anti blur mode if your indoubt of what mode to shoot in.... the P and N modes are also great. The S5200 also works really well with the newer 1GB H series xD cards and I tested it with a 2GB and it works although I don't own a 2GB card at this time.

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Before you do anything, contact Fuji and get their opinion. They have had sensor issues in the past, and have fixed them (some) even thought the cameras were out of warranty.

Let us know how you fare...

the Hun

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