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Default Need Manual for finePix 4500 NOT for FinePix S4500!!

Hi To All Forum Mates,

Most people are confused between the 2 models of the above cited fujifilm cameras in the subject.

Desperately in need of the manual in English for finePix 4500 NOT for FinePix S4500!!

Please give any link.

Love to all forum mates and blessings!

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G'day Hani

As this is a very old camera, I would doubt that one could be found on-line

It is also possible that it used the old 'smart-card' media that is no longer available [as its creators couldn't see any need for more than 128Mb of storage on the card]

And/or, maybe find someone in the local camera club who might have had one of these cameras years ago and can remember most of its old settings

Hope this helps a bit ...
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Have you tried emailing or phoning Fuji? They helped me out with a manual before. They may hold it in their archives and be able to send you a copy. I tried searching for it but like you say, it just brings up the S4500.
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As far as I can tell, Fuji never offered an English language version of that camera. It was announced in September 2000 on the Fujifilm Japan web site, and we had a short news story about it here:


But, I see no evidence that it ever made it to any English speaking markets, with no reviews of it on any of the popular review sites that were writing camera reviews at that time.

IOW, I don't think an English language manual would even exist for it, since it doesn't appear that Fuji ever offered that camera to English speaking markets.

The closest thing I see to it for English Speaking markets is the Finepix 40i (with mp3 remote control features missing on the 4500 from what I can tell from press photos of the 4500). The 40i has the same specs as far as sensor size and available shooting resolutions, avi recording, lens specifications, shooting modes, ISO 200 sensitivity, LCD size/resolution, etc. IOW, the Finepix 4500 appears to be the same camera as the 40i, only without the mp3 player features, included remote for that purpose, and minor cosmetic differences, with the port missing for the remote on the 4500.

You can see our review of the FinePix 40i from 2000 here (first look published in September, full review published on October 1, 2000):


A few more reviews here:




I see no ability to change language in the review screens showing the menu options.

All of the menus and controls are probably the same with the 4500. The main difference is that the 40i has the ability to act as an MP3 Player and came with a remote control and ear buds for that purpose.

Basically, the 40i shipped with software for transferring mp3 files to the camera, and all mp3 playback functions were performed with the included remote control that plugged into the remote jack on the 40i. So, the menus did not control that feature. So, camera menus for the 4500 are probably identical to the 40i (as it appears to be the same camera, except for the mp3 player features and minor cosmetic differences).

So, you could probably use the reviews of the 40i as a guide to changing settings (as ours and others show you the menus and what they are for, except it sounds like you have a camera that was not intended for English speaking markets and so you won't be able to see the menu items in English).

Some of the early Fuji models did not have the ability to change language in the menus. I do not see that ability in the menus we published for the 40i (or in the menus published by other sites in their 40i review). So, the same thing is probably true for the 4500 (you probably can't change the language it shipped with, and I've found no evidence that an English language version of that camera was ever released).
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Odd suggestion I know, but how about a translation app like World Lens. You could point your phone at it and read it in English?
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I would suggest that the OP just buy a different camera. The FinePix 4500 was released 13 years ago in September 2000. That's a very long time as far as digital camera technology is concerned.

It uses obsolete SmartMedia cards, and uses a 2.4 Megapixel sensor. There's nothing wrong with a 2MP camera (and the 2400 x 1800 resolution it supports would be sufficient for prints up to 8x10" at normal viewing distances IMO, as I have 8x10" prints hanging on the wall from lower 1600x1200 resolution cameras). You wouldn't want to push the print sizes much larger than that. But, in my opinion, 2400x1800 is fine for 8x10" prints unless you have your nose up to the photo (versus viewing it from a typical distance).

But, a camera that old is likely to have other issues like capacitors or internal batteries no longer working to maintain camera settings (and sensor issues are common with cameras that old, too). It's lens is also a fixed focal length (equivalent to 36mm), with no optical zoom, and has a fixed ISO speed of ISO 200.

I see the 40i models (also released in 2000, virtually identical specs, and also available in English) for around $50 used now, complete with manuals, CDs, etc. (and the 40i also had mp3 player features with a wired remote control for mp3 player purposes). But, I wouldn't bother to buy one of those either (as they're just too old to be counted on, and it's fixed focal length lens and fixed ISO speed of ISO 200 limits flexibility, too).

Now, I still have an even older Nikon Coolpix 950 that my wife uses. But, it quit storing settings a long time ago (as it's internal capacitor or battery quit working years ago). That's typical with an older camera (no longer retaining settings for date/time info, etc., if you remove the main batteries for recharging or replacement). But, it still works, uses more popular CompactFlash cards, and has an optical zoom lens, with more control over settings like an adjustable ISO speed.

So, if I had a Finepix 4500 that had menus that are not even in a language I could read, I think I'd just buy a different camera, rather than try to remember what menu choices controlled what features by looking at other camera models' (like the 40i) menus in English (assuming the 4500 is even in working condition).

From my perspective, it's just not worth the effort to try and use a camera in a language you can't understand (as it sounds like from previous posts made by the OP), that's as old as that one (some 13 years since introduced), using an obsolete memory card type like SmartMedia, few adjustments available like sensitivity via ISO speed settings (ISO 200 only), with a fixed focal length lens (with only digital zoom available with a lower resolution 2.4 Megapixel sensor, meaning degraded image quality if you try to use the digital zoom feature).
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