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Kiwi_Dragonz May 8, 2010 7:19 PM

New HS10
Hi there,
just got my HS10 yesterday, one of the first to come into NZ.
So far I love it, but have a few questions.

I see that some have done a firmware upgrade, where do you go for this, & how do I tell if my camera needs it? Would it possibly have the upgrade done prior to leaving the factory?

The low light focussing seemed a bit poor on some of the few shots I have taken so far.
What mode & setup are people using for low-light situations?

Any reccommendations for a good protective bag for this camera?

Preferred SDHC card type & class? What seems to work best?
I have an 8gig class 4 in it now.

Lens hoods, any good tulip hoods out there to suit?

It is hard to get a lot of this sort of thing in New Zealand (at a reasonable cost particularly) dueto our remoteness from the rest of the world.
However I fly to the states thisafternoon for 2 weeks work, so will be looking round while I'm there to see what I can see.

I love this camera, the feel & fit in the hand, the controls will take a little learning, but I have a 13 hour flight ahead of me today, so it will make the time go much faster!
Most shots so far show excellent definition (apart from aforementioned low light) & I love the colour richness (compared to the older S5500 I had)

& I love that zoom!


DonalDuc May 8, 2010 9:22 PM

a) firmware --->

b) card ---> 8GB or 16GB, class6 ... take a good & cheap one f.e. Transcend ...

gjtoth May 8, 2010 9:28 PM

RE: the firmware upgrade

If you follow the link that DonaldDuc posted it will tell you everything you need about it. Including what version of the firmware you currently are running.

Sounds like a fun way to spend 13 hours on an airplane. You should know that camera inside-out by the time you get here. What is your destination here?

andytree May 8, 2010 9:28 PM

Scroll down (do read!) to the link, in blue. That's how I did it and it worked great! I used the card method, but either way would work.

I'm still playing with the low light situations myself, I'm sure there are others who will have good advice (and I yearn to hear it!).

I think any bag that you like, that the camera fits, is a good bag. Any camera shop will have a variety. I do like the Lowe Pro I use, but I don't think it's perfect, just one I had here, that works. Some people like the backpack type, which carry more stuff, and others don't like any bag at all. Good luck finding one you do like!

I have an 8g class 6 that I love - super zippy! I'm sure a class 4 would work really well to - unless you aren't happy with it, I'd stick w/what you have. Sounds like enough. The card I have is a patriot, but I think any name brand will work fine.

Where in the states will you be? If in NY go to B&H on 9th Ave. If in LA try Samy's Either of those will have TONS of options for all your accessory issues. Someone here had spoken about the best hood they'd found...poke around a little, it's on one of these recent threads. And happy journeys!

greenbaron May 9, 2010 1:47 AM

Hi Phil; Enjoy the HS10

I'm using the Lowepro Backpack Slingshot 100 AW Red for mine; works great for quickly getting the cam out, and stowing it again. Comes standard with raincape (like the trekking backpacks).

Happy shooting (and flying, can't wait to board a flight myself.. ;)) -GB

lakensea May 9, 2010 8:09 AM


Have fun with it, and bring extra batteries if you plan on having it on for 13 hours!

Bags - I currently have this one:,1901,20.htm
Camera fits very nicely and is easy to remove as it sits sideways with the grip up (I have the divider set to support the lens). However, I have this one coming Tuesday as I think it has more space -


lucky2505 May 10, 2010 1:23 AM

When I format a card in camera and then check it in my card reader, it shows a "DCIM" folder holding a "107_FUJI" folder. Doesn't the card need to be wiped clean before the update is done. It's wiped clean when I format in the card reader; however, the update instructions say to format the card in camera.

greenbaron May 10, 2010 2:54 AM


Originally Posted by lucky2505 (Post 1091656)
When I format a card in camera and then check it in my card reader, it shows a "DCIM" folder holding a "107_FUJI" folder. Doesn't the card need to be wiped clean before the update is done. It's wiped clean when I format in the card reader; however, the update instructions say to format the card in camera.

The card doesn't need to be wiped clean; The idea of formatting the card in-camera is that you're sure the camera can read the card. I didn't even format the card I used for the update because I was already using it with the HS10 -I have some experience with camera updates, and common sense told me there was no reason to worry-. Worked perfectly fine.
But I'd suggest to follow the steps as written on the official fuji site anyway, just to make sure you don't blame me if something else went sideways ;)

Happy shooting! GB

DonalDuc May 10, 2010 4:18 AM

It's important to place update files in MAIN directory, not in SUB directories of the card

Kiwi_Dragonz May 12, 2010 6:34 AM

Hi there, thanks for the info on the firmware & camera bags.
Have been enjoying the camera so far, still a few things to learn, but have been trying everything I can.
Panorama shots, video, etc.
I still haven't done the firmware upgrade, figured I would see what it was like & then do the upgrade as I went on.

I tried some video the other day, & while impressed with the definition, was dissapointed with the smoothness.
I think this may be a card write speed issue?
The video is smooth to start, but about every 4 sec, there is a small jump or momentry blank frame. Like I had done an almost instantaneous stop/start.

Has anyone else found this?
Was on the full HD1920 setting.

The card is a Panasonic class 4 8gig.

I am still looking for a faster card to try, & will do the firmware upgrade in the next couple of days to see if that makes any difference also.

For those who have asked, I have been in Frankfort, Indiana for a couple of days, & now Flying to Quebec today.
Will be in Canada for 7-8 days, then back south to Wisconsin for a few days.
After that across to Los Angeles, then possibly a further excursion up to Calgary, then back to La, & then (if I'm lucky) I finally get to go home!


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