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I've been trolling these forums along with others, and finally have decided to stop lurking. I recently purchased the S6000fd with the intention of taking my interest in photography to a more informed level. I've previously only dealt with regular point and shoots, but now have the intent to learn more about photography, get to a higher skill level and take better pics. I have a few newb questions to start out, and hope this thread can turn into a sort of reference for others like myself.

1. What do filters do exactly, and how necessary are they for more professional looking shots? It seems many people use a UV filter.

2. Is RAW mode an necessity for getting more professional looking shots? How hard is it to learn the post processing techniques to finish a RAW image?

3. What is an AF assist lamp, and how does one utilize it?

4. Does anyone have a very general but comprehensive overview of the following terms (EV#, F stop, mm amount, etc), and what specifically they affect in a shot or how they interact and affect one another (i.e. if using high ISO, use lower EV, etc).

Ultimately, I guess I am just looking for some tips and making the most of my photos with this cam. Any advice in addition or to supplement what I've already asked is welcome. My cam won't arrive for a few days, but hoping to have some decent knowledge by the time it hits my doorstep.

Sorry for such basic questions.

Thanks in advance for any help here!!!

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Congratulations on your new camera...I'm sure it will serve you well. You asked many questions, and to answer them in detail would take hours to answer - probably why you haven't gotten a lot of replies. I would suggest you do some online searching for answers to your questions...you will find more information than you will have time to read. Your local library is also an excellent place to find books on photography. In the meantime, if you need something to read, try your S6000FD Manual...


When you get your camera, take lots of pics...experiment with various settings and modes...ISO settings...shutter speeds...aperture settings. See what they do for you...see what they won't.

Have fun.

the Hun

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Thanks Rinnie. I kinda figured as much in terms of response. I know I asked an excessive amount, and figured the manual would help answer some things. I guess I'm just so anxious that I'm trying to find an easy concise way to put it all together, but I realize it will take trial and error, and most of all, time. I have been reading a lot of different sites getting some background. Here is a pretty solid thread I found on another forum that has lots of good tips for those that might be in the same boat as myself.

I will be sure to post some photos once I get up and running.

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