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Default Newby to forums!

Hi all .. I've been reading the forums for a while now, my father works for Fujifilm in Australia and has recently picked me up an HS10. I'm liking it so far - it takes a bit of getting used to but can certainly see the potential in it.

I'm not that advanced in photography in general so was wanting to post a few queries as they come up, the main one that is posing me at the moment is - If I'm taking a shot of an area where the sky is fairly bright but the foreground is pretty dark, and I want to get an average sort of exposure of both so that I still have atleast some colour in the sky and not just an overexposed white blob - but at the same time have reasonable details in the foreground, how would I go about that? I know that if the subject is close enough I should expose for the sky, then focus on the subject and use the flash to fill ... but what about for further away or wider angle shots? I generally shoot everything in manual mode so don't be shy on technicalities.

Thanks in advance ... Kev.
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well, for a newb, if you want a background where light is coming from the back and you have a subject you want, use flash and automatic.....for now.
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Hello Kev,

Well, i would set the cam on "P" mode and set the flash at "fill", now take a few test shots, and maybe change the exposure "+:-" EV maybe -.3 or more or in the other direction.
If flash does not work , maybe the "silent" mode is on....
This works for certain distances, i did not test how far the flash of the HS10 reaches in daylight.
Take different settings and maybe write some off them down, and do not be afraid to post some off your test shots , that way people here can give you better advice in some settings.
I agree , the HS10 does not always what you suspect off it , it is sometimes a challenge to find the correct setting, always take a look at the exposure time in the viewer or on the lcd, it could be to short... so change something.

Hope you can do something with this ,

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quix, One of the drawbacks of digital is that it doesn't handle dynamic range as well as film. It sounds like the scenes you are describing would benefit from the use of a graduated neutral density (GND) filter. Barring that, you can focus manually and spot meter near the horizon. You'll have to experiment. Usually slightly above or slightly below the horizon will yield the best results. Another solution if you have Photoshop is to bracket and use High Dynamic Range (HDR) merging of the files.
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