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So I just bought myself a spanking new s7000 and want to take some pictures of the night sky, I have the camera set up on Bulb mode with the apeture at f8. Is there anything else i should set up, am really interested in some nice star field pictures cause where i live i can get out in the country where its really dark. I read the topic thread on taking pictures of the moon which was helpful, im hopeing to get some northern lights if they come out again before summer. Any help on getting successful pictures would be appreciated, oh and I have a cable release as well, and a tripod. Im hoping that this will be good to do some lightning as well. This is all really new to me as ive been a point and shoot camera user for a long time.

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First of all, the Bulb mode on the S7000 isn't really Bulb mode. It shuts the shutter automatically after about 15 seconds. It's frustrating, but you can combine this pseudo-bulb mode with the multiple exposure functionality to get extended shots.

One of the problems you have to overcome with night sky shots is the motion of the Earth. To increase the light from the stars you have to leave the shutter open a long time. Most of the time this 'long time' gives the Earth a chance to rotate the star out of it's original position. This effect is more pronounced the further the star is away in the sky from the North Star (the only star in the sky that doesn't noticibly move ).

You can get a tracking device that moves your camera to match the Earth's rotation, but they can be pricey.

This rotation effect, combined with the lack of real bulb mode on the S7000, left me with short curved dashed lines of light across my photo. I don't have the photos here at work, but if I get a chance, I'll post them when I get home.

I'm interested in seeing your results.
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One more thing. I'm not sure what an aperture of F8 is giving you in this situation. Depth of field isn't really a concern and I would think you want as much light as possible coming in. If you're using F8 for a reason, I'd be interested in learning it.

As for focus, there's a trick to focusing the S7000 to infinity: Set the Dial to SPand select Landscape Mode. Set the Focus Mode switch to Manual Focus and then put a lens cap on. Press the Quick Focus button (the on in the middle of the Focus Modeswitch). The camera will be unable to focus and will default to infinity.Set the Photography Mode dial to whatever you want for your shot, and then removed the lens cap. Careful not to accidentally touch the Focus ring while taking the shot.

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