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I'm very interested in getting the new S6000fd or the discounted S9000 as the low noise sensor and high zoom are very appealing to me. However for long zooms I've discovered that image stabillization is very important or else the images will be blurry. How bad is the results on the Fujifilm, does it render the telephoto end nearly useless unless it's bright outside (defeating the purpose for me)?
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Well generations of photographers managed without OIS very well, using things like monopods or tripods !

If the fujis can give a clean high ISO then that means you can increase shutter speed to compensate for any slight shake.

Mostnon dslrs including most competing superzoomsare limited to ISO 200 or apoor ISO 400, if fuji can give a clean and useful ISO 1600 then thats a 3 stop advantage over ISO 200 and generally image stabilisation gives you 2 or 3 stops, so in poor light the fuji should have relatively no problem.

Of course if you are actually wanting a slow shutter speed for a shot, then high iso will not help there.
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The S9000 has image stabilization but it is ISO/Shutter/Aperture adjustments, not any type of mechanicalanti-motion device. In long zooms or low light, the camera, in one of its auto modes, will make these adjustments.

Just buy a tripod and enjoy.
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Fuji seems to take a lot of criticism in the forums because they haven't been more innovative with their image stabilization. In some of the newer models it's called anti-blur, and all it is is a program setting that utilizes faster shutter speeds. I'm sure you are aware that other companies have "true" image stabilization. In some cameras that technology is built into the lens; on the new Pentax digital SLR cameras that are being introduced the technology is in the camera, and it says that it will work with any lens that will fit the camera.

Personally, I like using a tripod with my S9000. The images are sharp and clear. But I know a lot of photographers refuse to carry a tripod because they want to travel light. If you want "real" image stabilization, you will have to look to another camera company. But I have been getting along without it, and I am happy.
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Yeah that's what I'm worried about ... I'm not a big fan of tripods at the moment, altho' the GorillaPod is very intriguing. I'll have to ponder this. I really like the manual zoom control on the Fuji cameras.
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At the end of the day everyone is going on about a Tripod but to be honest use the surrounding area( Lean on something) or (Keep your elbows in tight against your sides) Try different things coz i have taken some great pics using the surrounding area. Trial and Error.


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