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Old Nov 16, 2004, 12:53 AM   #1
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Just picked up my 5100 today. Love the camera, but the software is driving me around the bend! :angry:

I can't get the dang thing to load. I think the store screwed up; I put thedisc in, and it tries to load Kodak EasyShare software instead. Is there anything I absolutely need off of that disc? I can view / edit my pics just fine in PS 7, and the store is a few hours drive away.

Thanks in advance.
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Well it certainly does sound like you got an opened box

with the wrong CD in it. If you right-click this


and use "Save Target As..." you can get the FinePix Viewer

(25,407,488 bytes) but I don't think that includes the RAW converter,

which, in my opinion, is the main thing you'll miss, since

without it you can't use RAW (uncompressed) mode (or rather,

you can use it but you won't be able to convert the files to TIFs

and so they'll be pretty much useless). Perhaps the converter

can be found online as well if one hunts around. Perhaps

another reader can point you to it. I understand there are

some free third-party converters as well (eg. S7Raw).

But hey - at least call the buggers at the store and tell them

to find your disk so you can pick it up next time you're in town.

Maybe they'll mail it to you. Hold the Kodak disk for ransom.

There's a good chance they have a frustrated new Kodak owner

as well.

Good luck.

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Old Nov 16, 2004, 6:05 PM   #3
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Wow! You got it for me from the Canadian site, and everything! Thanks very much. Actually, the disc was labeled as FinePix, in a sealed envelope, in a sealed box. Probably just a glitch from the company.
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