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Default Opinions? Olympus C-5050 -vs- FujiFilm S7000 (specific ?s)

I think I've narrowed down my choice to either the Oly C-5050 or the Fuji S7000. The Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi is still a possibility though. They seem to all be roughly in the same $500 price range, or close enough for me to consider them the same price.

I was nearly certain I was going to get the C-5050 until just recently when user reviews of the S7000 are starting to make it my top choice. I was hoping someone with more experience in this field could give me some advice based on the following:

... I will mainly be taking indoor and outdoor portrait/action type photos of my family (mostly my five year old daughter running around).

... I seem to find low light a problem rather often. Does either camera perform better in low light (focusing, image quality, etc.)?

... I'm larger than average (6'+) so like slightly larger cameras and don't like tiny, close-together buttons.

... I will probably be using an attached flash on the hot shoe based on my previous disappointing experience with built-in flashes. Does either camera perform better with a flash or have better options for what flash you can use?

... I will most likely be getting a wide-angle lens for indoor use...I often seem to be unable to back up far enough for some whole room shots. Probably would get the WCON or a Raynox with the C-5050...don't know about the S7000.

... I will be using a 1GB IBM MicroDrive. Will this impose limitations on using either camera to its potential as far as speed is concerned?

... A few panorama shots, but this isn't a big deal.

... Will be using AA rechargeables from RipVan100. This was the first determining factor in choosing a camera -- it has to take AA.

... Will be used in 100+ degree heat during the summer in California/Nevada/Arizona area. Any indication that either camera doesn't like the heat? Also will be in Seattle a lot so hopefully both cameras aren't -too- picky about a bit of moisture.

... The inability to zoom in movie mode on the S7000 frustrates me. Even my old Nikon 995 can zoom in movie mode. :/

... Any opinions on how well the sound recording works in movie mode for either camera?

... I'd prefer they record in something other than Quicktime, but I guess I don't have a choice.

... The much better Optical Zoom and Resolution on the S7000 are a big bonus over the C-5050, but also worry me that a camera that seems much better is selling for the same price. I'd like that larger Resolution for being able to send nice size prints to family members. (Yes, I know the C-5050 high resolution photos will print larger than any normal printer already, but this way I can take smaller crops out of the photo which from experience I seem to want to do often enough.)

... I really like the flip up/around lcd on the C-5050 for being able to hold the camera at odd angles and still be able to frame your shot. I used the swivel aspect of the 995 all the time and it helped me take some of my favourite shots and just made taking so many pictures much more convenient to get the best angle.

Any help is appreciated.
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The S7000 is a powerhouse. With Adobe Photoshop CS to post-process RAW files it produces spectacular photos. In 12 megapixel "fine" mode it takes seriously good photos.

Having owned at least 10 digitals (Sony, Toshiba, Fuji, Canon, etc...) I can honestly say this is one of if not the best for the price. The only thing that could make it better would be firmware which allows for internal JPEG compression variability.
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I used my friend's C5050 before and i own a s7k... i can tell u that 5050's design sux... and another thing is that s7k's low light focusing is quite accurate. This is because s7k uses twin AF system while 5050 only uses contrast detection. The mirror enclosure on top of the lens barrel emits and receive infrared signals to calculate a rough focus distance... and this is something 5050 can't do...
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