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Originally Posted by Photo 5 View Post
So your talking video mode not still images..... yes when you zoom in and out in video mode it takes a second or two to refocus. But your video with the helicopter does seem a little more choppy then my test samples were......

Those werent mine per say, but what i've experienced.. even not zooming, it seems to "search" and not keep constant focus.. i wouldnt mind if at no zoom it would stay stable.

Though the fz100 when you do zoom, seems pretty quick to refocus, on the fly (of course its automatic/mechanical too).
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My overall conclusion after having the camera for 24 hours is this and this my own opinion. 200 shots taken, plus 3 short video clips (one included zooming in and out)

- if you have an HS10 and your using it 50% or more for snapshots of the family or a picture here and there etc keep the HS10 as its a great camera on its own. It has a lot of features and makes good images hands down. The advantages of the HS20 lean more toward pros and those who need to shoot faster between shots etc

- if your a professional or make money using your camera than the price of the HS20 is worth the upgrade because it offers less shutter lag, faster focusing and the burst mode once set up (takes 10 to 12 seconds to set it up) produces good images

- However if you don't own either camera go for the HS20 as the difference in price is worth getting an HS20 from the get go......

- With the HS10 you can get a way with either a class 6 or class 10 SDHC card but with the HS20 you really need a class 10 memory card to take full advantage of its potential speed and emptying buffer fast

- Also the lens hood is joke and doesn't help at all, at least in my tests. I get more flare than I did with the HS10 with no lens hood when shooting in direct sunlight withe lens hood attached.

The only thing I have yet to test with the HS20 is low light-night shooting. Hopefully will have a chance in the next 3 or 4 days to do that.

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