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atropine wrote:
This is the 2nd pic also taken at 15second shutter duration. I did use a photo editor though, so it's not exactly what came out of the camera. I used 'auto settings' in the editor and it increased the brightness a little.
If you brighten a photo later using software, the noise will increase, just as if you used an even higher ISO speed to begin with. Dynamic range is also degraded using that technique.

Noise in shadow areas tends to be worse (because less light hits them and the signal being generated is not high enough above the noise created by electronics and other sources), and when you boost the output from areas that did not receive enough light for those photosites to generate a stronger signal, you increase the visibility of that noise.

Use a lower ISO speed and expose the image as desired versus trying to increase brightness using software.

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Hey guys,

I took some more photos at shutter speeds from 1second to 15 seconds, the results were equally as bad so I returned the camea and exchanged it for another.

It turns out the camera was faulty. The dots you see are commonly known as dark noise, this noise gets worse the longer the duration of the shutter exposure. Dots are to be expected at 15seconds from any CCD camera, only the amount mine was producing in those photos was ridiculously excessive.

The replacement camera creates some dots at 15 second duration but probably 1/200th as many as the faulty unit.

I'm quite pleased with the camera, and although the S5700/S700 is going to hit the shops just about any day, I've had enough enjoyment out of this camera to not be too concerned about the nice updated features of the new model.
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