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Default Picture quality without software enhancements...

I was just wondering, has anyone gotten really good quality pictures from the s602 without any software enhancements? Granted I'm still new to the whole digital thing, but when I think I have taken a good picture, I hit the Auto quick fix button and wow, what a difference. It always looks so much better. Is that what digital is all about? You get a medioker picture and rely on the software? ( I guess I should be greatful it's available). I don't know, I just thought I would toss it out there and see what you all think.

Thanks for your time,

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Auto fix makes judgements about brightness, contrast and sharpness, which may not be like the original scene. These are often not 'fixes' as such, the software just assumes all pictures must have certain average brightness and contrast levels else the camera did it wrong! This is not always true, but if you like every pic to be consistent then that becomes your preference.

One thing I am finding is the 602 tends to slightly under expose. For me that's fine, I know I've got a bit more in hand and the whites are less likely to come out clipped.

Have you had any pics printed by Walmart yet? I've taken pics straight off the camera, shooting auto and they look great! Compare the Histograms before and after auto fix and you will see what the software is doing. Auto processing can introduce distortions which you may not notice on smaller prints.

It's very similar with TV's. Most people turn up the colour, brightness and contrast - the software is just responding to general expectation. If you shoot on a dull day you can remove reality and replace it with a 'new look' If you like auto fix - stick with it. Use it on some scenes like night shots and you might be disapointed.
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Old Mar 5, 2003, 8:38 PM   #3
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I'm very Happy with my 602. Just added a Raynox 1800 pro tele and 6600 pro wide angle. This is my 3rd digital camera, the first two being Nikon's. I'm very pleased with the results. I think that is the nice thing about digital, you can color correct to get exactly the look you want.

Best regards,
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Default u must use custome white balance

if u use the customized whitebalance, u will get really great pictures.(specially indoor pictures) i do have a s602.. and there is a s602 site in korea (www.s602.com.. in koran). and most of ppl on the site said they use custome white balance.
i saw quite nice pictures on that site.. some ppl use grey card to get a right white balance.
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Original Poser: The s602 simply produces the best image quality when you post process(very mild unsharp mask) the images, as a result of the plain out crappy in-camera sharpening/noise reductin system. Switching off the in-cameras sharpening system will automaticl switch off the noise reductin system as well. Simply set sharpening mode to SOFT. IN case of allowing in-camera sharpening system to function on the s602, results in alias problems, highl levels of artifacts and noise, reduced resolution, and severe halo problems. IT would also appear that all profesional reviews on this camera i have noticed have left this faulty funciton activated for their evaluation. A shame.

Some people oversharpen in post processing as well. I would suggest that people shoot with manual white balance, an outside shot and then view on your cmputer in a short period of time so you can get a fell of 'natural' appearance vs. the overprocessing y ou are likely doing. I have observed many people overprocessing images and thinking this looks 'good'. BUt, i guess it depends, is an accurate capture of the moment important, or a pleasantly distorted facsimle?

Of course, if your only printing at 5x7 max size, the added noise and artifacts would be almost impossible to notice without a magnifying glass. But at 8x10 and large prints, this is an issue.

Just my opinion(s). :-)

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