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Default pre purchase ?s for S602 - please help!

How is this camera with taking sunsets & low indoor lighting?

Does it really take 6 pixel quality photos?

How big can you really blow the pictures up to & still have them look sharp?

Which SmartMedia & CompactFlash cards are known to work with this camera?

How does it compare to Canon's Powershot G3 which is a 4 pixel camera?

I've found this camera as low as $409 & was wondering if it's worth it or if a higher pixel camera is recommended.

This will be my first digital camera & I'm use to being able to blow up poster size shoots as well as taking sunsets & other low lighting situations with good success. I don't want to go down in quality.

Right now I have a Fuji Discovery 2000 Zoom that I've had for years. It's a great point & shoot camera & has really spoiled me. Does anyone know how the S602 would compare to my 35?

Any recommendations as to what I should buy?

Thanks for all the help!
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just out of curiosity.... where did you find this camera for so cheap?
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My 602 does great indoors as long as I have the flash turned on. I use a 1gb microdrive and a SM card without any problems. I have taken many pics on the 6mp setting and they look great when I blow them up in photoshop to check out detail. No jaggies. I really love this camera. I spent months researching and I do not regret my decision at all.
Note - Please be careful about where you get your camera no matter what model you decide on. It the price is $409, it might sound like a grey market camera. Check out feedback on the merchant at www.resellerratings.com.

BHphotovideo.com is a reputable seller that lists this camera for $599.00.
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Old May 12, 2003, 2:27 PM   #4
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The camera does a good job indoors with a flash. I have use both the pop up flash and one on the hot shoe. Haven't taken many sunsets yet but the ones I have taken are okay (HINT if you can get Photoshop Elements to edit photos, I have it and love it.). I usually take photos at 1M and 3M and use smart media cards only.
Again, be careful the price seems low I would be a little suspicous of it. It may be a good deal but.....
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i have printed 8x10's off of 3 megapixel shots and they come out really nice. not sure about indoor shots as i haven't really done that. $409 is really cheap!!! make sure you get all the stuff that is supposed to come with it.

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I saw it advertised, in print, from starlightcameras.com. I wasn't going to buy it from them, but use the price as a reference point.

The head of the photo department, at my local Wal*Mart, said whatever I decided on she'll special order it for me. Also, that she would be the lowest price I could find. I would trust Wal*Mart over Starlight for sure.

Do ya'll think I should buy a 4 pixel instead? I sell my stuff & want as nice as I can get on a limited buget. They don't have to be pro level, but fairly nice. I don't usually blow up larger than 8X10, but it's nice to be able to get those larger prints. Also, sunsets are a big item for me & I want something that'll give me a sharp picture & not grainy.

If not this camera, do ya'll recommend something else?

Thanks to everybody!
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Old May 13, 2003, 11:09 AM   #7
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Their website price is:

Stock No. 43860757 $569.99, sounds like a bargain then! - or a misprint.
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