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I have a Fuji S6500fd which is 6.3 megapixels,can someone please tell me what is the largest print i can get from this camera.
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Many of the online printers say that they need at least 2 MP in order to print a 20x30 inch print. I have had a 20x30 print made from a five megapixel camera that I think looks quite nice. But when you have prints that big they are usually looked at from at least 3 feet away. If you get real close to an image that large you may not particularly happy with the resolution.

I suppose it depends on what your expectations are. But I would say that your printing options are pretty much wide open.
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6.3 MP? Here are your PPI values for common print sizes if the image is not cropped and maintains a 4:3 aspect ratio ( from http://www.mattspinelli.com/ppicalc.html ):

4 x 6 = 483
5 x 7 = 414
6 x 8 = 362.17
6 x 9 = 322

8 x 10 = 271.63
8 x 12 = 241.5
8.5 x 11 = 255.65
10 x 13 = 217.3
10 x 15 = 193.2
11 x 14 = 197.55
12 x 16 = 181.08

12 x 18 = 161
13 x 19 = 152.53

16 x 20 = 135.81
16 x 24 = 120.75
18 x 24 = 120.72

20 x 30 = 96.6
24 x 36 = 80.5
30 x 40 = 72.43

As you can see they are color coded. This is just my person opinon but all things being equal I would say that Green and Orange sizes would be what I would recommend. Red sizes may come out okay. I would not recommend Violet or Blue sizes.

Thus I would consider the following to be the quality of the print sizes:
Green = A
Orange = B
Red = C

Violet = D
Blue = F

However, how large an "image" can be enlarged to can very depending how much detail it the picture has to begin with. A landscape will enlarge differetnly than a portait. A wideangle shot different than a telephoto shot. You can take 4x6 paper and then print a crop of a portion the enlarged image on that piece of paper to get an idea of what it would look like.

Also, Lens quality, Focus accuracy, Noise, NR artifacts, JPEG compresion, and a host of other things will become more noticable when you enlarge. So The quality of the image to start with is very important. There is no hard fast rules and my numbers, grades, colors or whatever above is simply a guide.

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