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Default Question on naming convention for S3000

I just bought a new S3000. I am just a casual photo shooter, nothing big or anything. One thing I find very annoying is that when you move files off the xd card to your hard drive, the numbering starts over at 1 again.
Now when you take a few pics, move them to your hard drive, it will ask if you want to OVER WRITE the others. NO!! AAAHHH!!
Is there a way to change this so it starts back up where it left off? I thought they were all just supposed to do that ??? (An HP camera my buddy has, picks up where it left off.) Thanks for any help...
Erick --
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unfortunately fuji does not store the last picture number to continue in sequence after deleting pics from your memory card. one alternative is to leave the last picture on your memory card and then the camera will continue on in sequence. i have not tried this myself but, others here have done it. what i do is create a folder on my PC with the date of the pictures i took as it's name. this way every folder will have different pictures with the same name. i then copy the originals to a CD and if i choose to i'll make copies of the originals and rename them. i.e. dsc0001.jpg may become hawk001.jpg. they stay in the same folder with the originals and each renamed picture retains at least the last 3 digits of the original so i can correlete the named pic to the original.
hope it wasn't too confusing.

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That explains it perfectly. Thanks for the tip on leaving the last pic on there. I'll check that out when I get home.
Erick --
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I'm not familiar with the S3000, but on my S5000, there is a setting o the set-up menu for Frame No. Possibly, there could be a similar setting on the S3000. If I set my camera to Renew, it exhibits the same behavior that you're experiencing. If it's set to Cont, it remembers the last number and continues the numbering from there.
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