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I'm looking for a HIGH quality wide angleconversion lens for the S7000.

Has anyone compared the one by Fuji compared with any others? I'm not as concerned about price, I mainly want to the best quality.

What are your recommendations? Do they all reduce the quality or are the better ones comparable to the quality with what you get with the stock zoom lens.

Do the wide angle lenses also allow you to zoom or are they fixed length?



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Hey Ron

I have Fuji wide angle and it works great. Pretty good quality, I can't see any distortion by looking at it. Definately don't buy those cheap brands, like the once they have on ebay (Titanium, Digital Opticsor other $25-$75). Do search in this forum for Fuji WL-FX9 or wide angle and you can find a lot of info. Only thing that I have read in the manual for my Fuji is that if you attach wide angle lens, you can't use internal flash. I actually use it all the time and it works great. I get a little shade on the lower part of picture from the lens because it extends above the lens and covers a little of flash (I think). But other then that, it is a great addition. You will be amazed what you can fit in your lens. Here is a link to another forum where they discuss this question and give recommendations:


In regards to the zoom, it works flawlessly. No complains. Lens is attached to the adapter so it has nothing to do with zoom. Not sure why you would want to put wide angle lens and then use zoom (isn't the point of it to get as wide of an area in a picture as possible?). If you want more zooming ability, go with TL-FX9 (Telephoto lens). Other than that that's all I have. I got my Fuji wide angle lens on ebay for only $70 (steal at this price, retails for $130 I think). Good luck.


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Thank you Val.

Your information is helpful.

The reason I want a little zoom ability is because I'm an aerial photographer

and sometimes I find with my film cameras thatthewide angle is a little too

wide at times andit's much easier tozoom in slighty ...thanreposition the plane.:-)

I'll keep watch on eBay too!

Thanks, Ron

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