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Then you might want to really have a look at this program, called RAW PhotoDesk.


It's got white balance congtrol, image manipulations of RGB, hue, saturation, batch processing, and even an unsharp mask. And there is a lot more manipulations you can do to your images in there as well, and NOT just on RAW either, but on virtrually any image, jpeg, tiff, etc. You can save the output in jpeg, jpeg2000, tif, and others.

There are some sample images to see at the website link above, and it's a free program to try and only $29.00 to buy. I tired it out and bought it on the second day.

If you have some other programs like Adobe CS2 you might not find this as great a value, but for many out there that have recently gotten a Fuji camera, and want to expore the RAW end of picture taking, this program reads the RAF just fine. Adobe CS does not. (not in Fuji RAW).

I don't work for the compay, neither do I get any perks for mentioning this. I just read a lot of quesitons on this and other forums for people that need a good program to work with their Fuji RAW files. This one does it, and does it very well. Once it's saved into another format like a lossless tiff, or in Adobe PSD, then you can use Adobe CS to do more manipulations on it if you choose. But, this program alone, is one nice little photo or image editor.

just one picture I did today converted from Fuji RAF to a jpeg and then downsized from there for on the web.

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Seems to be a handy program but Adobe's Camera Raw plug in for CS2 works fine for me and it's free. And yes it does handle Fuji Raw (.raf). files.
You can download the latest version from...............


Of course, if your not running CS2 then RAW Photodesk is indeed a fine solution. :-)
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Yep, you're right, Stranger. Adobe CS2 handles the Fuji RAF files quite well, with the new raw plugin. My CS will not and I can't use the new updated RAW from Adobe in the CS that does handle the Fuji raw files. I can use the Adobe DNG and drag a photo into there and allow it to convert to Adobe DNG, but then it's DNG and for some reasons, upside down upon viewing on my computer.

Everthing you see in the picture above was done just in the RAW Photo Desk program, except for the resizing. That is a little power tool I got from Microsoft to allow me to resize the picture by right clicking on it, choosing "resize" and choosing a size from the resulting menu. I noticed it keeps the exif data intact as opposed to resizing for the web in Adobe Photoshop CS.

I will say one thing. I'd rather had the Fuji people incude a copy of RAW Photo Desk on the CD that came with my Fuji S9000 rather than the software that is on there. I never use it or installed it.

I move my pictures from my camera card in either 2 methods. Direct connect withe the USB, and go into "My Computer" choose the removable drive that is my Fuji camera, click on the corresponding folders until I get to the pictures, click Edit, then "select all" and them right click on any picture and choose "Move to folder" at which time I'm asked for where I want them moved. Most of the time I have already setup a folder for moving the pictures into. Once they are moved, the camera has 112 pictures available again (I have a 512mb CF card) and I'm good to go.

The other method involves taking the CF card out and putting it in my new HP Photosmart 8440 photo printers card reader. (by the way it has ability to read CF, Memory Stick, Microdrive, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital, Smart Media, and xD picture cards) Not bad for a $116.00 printer that does printing in 8 inks and has exceptional B&W due to the gray toner cartridge. (Review was on here on Steve's Digital that prompted me to buy this from Staples.)

I go through the same process on the printer, selecting all the picture files and moving them onto my HD (computer) I put the CF card back in and "NO IMAGES" and full 112 available pictures for next session.

Sorry .. got off topic, but it really is a great article here in Steve's!

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