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Default S1800 focusing and stabilizing issues

I just bought a S1800, and I'm playing around with the zoom. When I point at a piece of paper on a water bottle (for example) at very high to max zoom levels, it will not focus, and it is a blurry mess. I don't have a problem focusing on my blinds or anything far away.

What the heck? I thought these problems only occur with macros.

Also, the stabilizer doesn't seem to work. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

EDIT, basically I zoom in at max anything around a meter away or closer, it is blurry.

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You are experiencing the laws of optics.

(1) For every position on the S-1800's zoom there will be a minimum focus distance. That means that you must have than minimum distance and more for the lens to successfully focus a sharp image.

(2) Focusing takes place in most consumer level zoom cameras based on contrast detection and light level available. In other words, the lens must have a certain level of lighting to achieve focus, and secondly, there must be enough color differential to get contrast detection.

For example your S-1800 will have a lot easier time focusing if you stand back at least 3 meters in a well lighted room and attempt to focus on a black and white stripped or checkerboard pattern. It will do it easily. You are asking that lens to do things that it optically cannot accomplish. You are finding the limits of your lens which is governed by the basic rules of optics.

Sarah Joyce
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