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noypi Apr 15, 2011 5:35 AM

S4000 owners, review and sample pics please
Hi. I'm still undecided which bridge camera to buy. First i wanted the hx1 but when my mate bought one, i wasn't very impressed with the image qualities. I know we are still new to this type of cameras so there are still a lot to learn. I love the sweep panorama feature though.
Then, i was already leaning towards the fz45 and everyday i would check peoples' posts in the panny section and is always impressed.
Now, i've noticed there is a newcomer, the fuji s4000. I sometimes check here in the fuji forum and i'm equally impressed with the images produced. I love the sweep panorama feature plus the 30x zoom, and is cheaper as well. Reviews from forum members would be highly appreciated before deciding to buy one.
Thanks very much.

howiem Apr 15, 2011 12:36 PM

I nearly bought this camera but ended up buying the cheaper S1600 as I already own two DSLR's and wanted something cheap to throw in the car and carry on me at all times. That's exactly what the S1600 allows me to do.

I couldn't find much information either when researching the S4000 or many photograph's taken with it.

I did find this link of photos on fuji's site.

mtclimber Apr 15, 2011 3:41 PM


I think the first task you face is to face is to actually define how much zoom you really need. The Fuji S4000 is essentially a HS10 model without the EXR system. I have not found any reviews yet of the S4000.

However, like, howiem, I don't really need 30X optical zoom. The 15X optical zoom found on the S1600 is more than enough for me. Also the 12mp of the S1600 was sufficient for me. The 14mp on the S4000 may actually limit the numerically high ISO settings that are possible to use while still maintaining very good image quality. So take some time to more realistically define your photographic needs.

Base that camera decision, on the kind of photos you are currently shooting, or want to shoot in the future, while also clearly defining the budget that you really have to purchase this new camera.

Sarah Joyce

noypi Apr 15, 2011 6:22 PM

Thanks howiem and saraj joyce.
I checked the fujifilm link and was quite impressed with the sample images.
Maybe because it is still a new camera that's why there isn't much review about it yet.
I might not need the 30x zoom. I'll be mainly using it for sports (basketball) and portraits.
Actually, after posting my first post, i read about sony's hx100 which i think is brilliant and would suit my needs (except that it is above my budget).
I know i posted it under fuji but i might end up with the hx9v (because of portability as well). Again, i'm still undecided. Good thing about this is, more features are added onto newer cameras and prices for older cameras go down a bit making it more affordable.

mtclimber Apr 15, 2011 7:07 PM


We are here to assist you. However, at the outset, with basketball generally be played indoors, a super zoom camera using a small imager would not be the correct camera for photographing indoor basket ball where numerically high ISO setting are required. That type of shooting is best handled by a DSLR camera.

Can you also tell us specifically what budget have you allowed for your new camera??

Sarah Joyce

noypi Apr 17, 2011 7:42 PM

Below 400 i guess. But i don't really want a dslr mainly because of the price and the bulkiness when we travel.
Thanks again for the advice regarding basketball. I'm not in a hurry so i'll continue to read this forum before a near perfect camera comes along?

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