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Default S5000 or S602?

I'm looking to purchase my first digital camera. Looking through the reviews on this and other websites, I really liked the S5000. I went to look at it at a local retailer, and liked it very much compared to everything else in the price range. The only thing is, I came across people selling factory referbished S602s for about the same price as a new S5000. Any ideas on which would be a better way to go? The 602 looks to be the better camera, though it's a little older...Any advice?
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well it all depends on what you are looking for in a camera. if you are looking for long zoom then, S5000 would be fine as S602 has 6X optical zoom (but then you can always add on teleconverter later with additional cost)

but bear in mind that S5000 has 2s shutter opening and where as s602 has 15s (i think so).

but either one you choose, you'll end up with a good camera. it all just a matter what you want in a digicam.

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The s602 is the superior camera in nearly every category, except for the zoom(6x instead of 10x).

The s602 has superior:

-AF Speed
-Higher Resolving Power
-Lower Noise
-Lower JPEG Compression
-Can use CF or Microdrive(much cheaper then XD Cards)
-Better Manual Controls(MF ring and Command Wheel)
-Has a flash hotshoe

The s5000 has superior:

-Length Zoom(380mm vs. 210mm)

-Raw format(s602 does not have this - but you are still not going to match the output quality of the s602 even using RAW, IMO)

-AF Assist Lamp(aids in focusing indoors with low light levels)

I guess the question comes down to 2 issues:

(1) Which one do you prefer, cosmetically(if this is important)?

(2) Do you need 10x zoom?

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Old Jan 5, 2004, 10:38 AM   #4
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Theoretically the S5000 should have better colour due to the technology of the CCD in it.
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I'll second WmAx - from what I've been reading, pick the s602Z - I'll try to add to what he said without duplicating him.

I own the S602Z and found myself asking the same thing in recommending a camera to a friend.

After reading Steve's review, here is my take -

Where they both excell:
- The S5000 is slightly prettier, but they both look rock solid physically.
- Both use batteries rather than proprietary crap.
- Both use USB which I consider the only way to go for now. I won't change my opinion here until something that replaces USB is as prolific as USB is now.

What I like better about the S5000:
- The S5000 Addresses my largest issues with the S602Z - by having a focus assist illuminator for dark situations. (that is my biggest gripe - and it is a small one).
- The S5000 comes with the extended lense cover (I still need to buy that attachment for my S602z - maybe I should order it right now with a UV filter, and a big fat memory card/drive to go with).
- The S5000 obviously has a larger zoom than the S602Z

What I like better about the S602Z
- Although I agree movie features shouldn't be a selling point, I NEVER put my s602z into 300x200 mode. I can't imagine why the S5000 lacks 640x480. Aside from being a memory whore, this movie feature is pretty smooth and stable, and all around darn good.
- The S602Z has a larger viewscreen - it still isn't large enough, but every little bit helps.
- For every advantage the S5000 seems to have over the S602z, the S602Z seems to have two advantages over it (my gut feel after reading the S5000 review).

Other thoughts half topic related.
- My S602Z (the S5000 too judgeing from Steve's sample pictures) pictures are some of the sharpest I've seen in the 3M range. However broad daylight outdoor shots seem to have a slight blue tinge to them. If I am making a classic mistake, someone please educate me.
- I'd like a 10x zoom, but lets face it - on average my WORST shots are at 6x zoom because full zoom is only going to be nice if you have light equivalent to broad daylight (and I never use anything besides my hands to stabilize). A 10x zoom is begging me to take more bad shots. My biggest common mistake is pictures taken without enough light for the situation.
- Compared to any other non-SLR camera I've had personal experience with, the S602z has the very best optics I've seen. I'd NEVER consider getting the cheaper versions (a finepix 3800 or finepix S3000) for this reason.
- as with any digital camera, the very first thing you should do is throw out the 16MB chip. 128 meg minimum (128 is what I have, and I mean MINIMUM).
- Never trust what the reviews say about image sharpness or quality - the reviewers seem to always say it is superb. Instead COMPARE their sample shots from one model to the other. Keep comparing them until you start noticing the differences. Eventually you'll start noticing these difference without comparing.
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Default 5000

I do not own the 602, however I did purchase the 5000 mostly based on the 10X optical zoom. I am very impressed with the image quality and color. My only real complant with the 5000 is it's slow shutter release lag time, and no external flash connector hot shoe or otherwise.
I bought it to have a compact camera with a very large zoom, and on that note it delivers.
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I'm with cameraguy.. I bought the S5000 as my first digital and LOVE it. I see people who paid a lot more for cameras with even more megapixels and they wish they had my zoom. I think it would just depend on what you needed from your zoom as everyone else has pointed out: 6x or 10x.

I personally think you will be very impressed with the S5000 if you make that your choice. I have a website with tons of pictures - all taken by the S5000. (Granted, I'm no real photographer, only an amature with pro aspirations.. ) The link is on my little tag right under this post.
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Old Jan 9, 2004, 3:48 PM   #8
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ok.. I just read paddyboy's other post where it says he decided on the 602.. haha. Well, at least I feel validated by throwing in my 2 cents.. 8)
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Default Also

The S5000 has continuous AF. That's useful for moving subjects.
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Old Jan 24, 2004, 8:43 PM   #10
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The 602 has bigger pixel size, two focusing systems, full and very well organized manual control, excellent lens, higher resolution than S5000 and more.... I do not see any space for haha :-) . The 602 is a very functional and solid camera. The next step to it is a S7000 but not a S5000.
I think paddyboy made a very good decision. He can haha :-)

Bria posted:

.ok.. I just read paddyboy's other post where it says he decided on the 602.. haha. Well, at least I feel validated by throwing in my 2 cents..
Fuji FinePix S5000

My Gallery: www.bria-pitts.fotopic.net[/quote]
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