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Default S5000 vs s7000 with 2x teleconverter

I've decided to get either an s5000 or an s7000 zoom camera and I'm leaning more toward the s7000 due to it being more feature packed.

One problem with the s7000 is that it has a 6x optical zoom vs the s5000's 10x optical. Anyway, how would the image quality be on the s7000 if I added a 2x teleconverter to it, like the one advertised in the ebay auction below?

Would it compare favourably to an S5000 or would it be quite poor with distortions and such? Anyone know?

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Default Be wary of cheap 2X teleconverters

I would be wary of such inexpensive lenses. I bought some siimilar looking ones 6 months ago and then tried using them with my S7000. The results for the telephoto lens were disappointing - Pretty obvious distortion. I would spend more money for a 1.4. - 1.7X teleconverter. The difference in image quality will be obvious.

I use a 1.5X lens by Olympus, an A-200. It cost about 90 bucks. It does a good job.

Good luck. The S7000 is a great camera.
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Besides the price (s7000 vs. s5000 + lens +/- adapter if needed) and pixel differences (3 vs. 6), I'd ask how often you'll need to be at maximum zoom. If major zoom isn't needed very often, I'd go for the s7000 and get higher resolution pictures. If on a budget, go for the s5000, there are a lot of happy owners. Extra lenses are a little pain at times.
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The aftermarfet lenses tend to be crappy. They froduce distortion and one thing people forget about, they add an f stop or two! The Fuji 1.5X does what it is supposed to do without any problems. With this lens the S7000 is effectively a 315mm lens. Ask yourself, do I need more than a 315mm tele? Most people don't.

Between the S7000 and S5000, if you shoot in RAW with the S7000 and post-process with Photoshop, you can crop and print 81/2 x 11 that looks 35mm quality. This renders the optical zoom question moot! :lol:
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