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I've been loooking for a new digicam and I quite like the S5100. I don't plan on regulary making large prints but for those special and rare moments that I might capture the ability to make a quality large print would be nice. I don't know a lot about digital photography but from what I believe the S5100 should make equally nice large prints as the newer mega zooms like the H1, S2, FZ's. Is this assumption correct? I have read that for best result the S5100's ISO setting should be manually selected. I guess that given this cameras small sensor that it would produce its best pictures outdoors in bright lights. This would probably be the same as the other mega zooms and most oint & shoots for that matter. How do indoor pictures fair from this camera when they are enlarged? Does the S5100 suffer from overly soft pictures when they are enlarged? I am also interested in the F 10 which takes very nice pictures but can't decide whether I could live without the mega zoom option. There are times when it sure would be nice to have.
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I suppose the answer to that question depends a lot on how critical you are of your images. I have printed some photo books with full-bleed prints as large as 9x12 inches from images taken with my 5100, and I have been extremely pleased with them. Several of the online photo labs will indicate that they can make prints as large as 20x30 inches from my pictures. The printing technology has really improved, in my opinion. Compared to my other digital camera, I have been extremely pleased with the flash pictures I have taken indoors. I have had good results in low light outside with some ISO 400 pictures. One thing you want to make sure to do with the 5100 is press the shutter button halfway down to lock the focusing and the exposure. If one fails to do this, they will occasionally get a picture that is not focused properly and has bad exposure. But I really like my 5100.

If you are looking for extremely fine detail in large prints, you might consider getting a camera with more megapixels. But personally I am very satisfied with what I'm getting.
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