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Default S602 at 3X - telephoto possibilities

Just though it would be fun to see how the 602 worked at 3x - following are links to the same shot with the Fuji S602 at wide angle (35mm), full tele (210mm), and at 504.81mm and 630mm taken with Olympus TCON-300 (3x) telephoto lens. EXIF header attached to images for information.

Actually, the S602 performs pretty well with the TCON-300. The TCON-300 is a lens dedicated to the Olympus E10 and E20 and doesn't attach by way of the filter threads, but must use a "bridge" connector which uses the tripod mount on the camera and a specialized sole plate mount on the lens. The TCON-300 must be focused independently of the camera and is a fairly expensive tool priced between $450 and $600 U.S. To use it with the S602 requires fabricating a mount. Since I use the lens with my Sony F707 and my Olympus C2100UZ and E100-RS, it was a natural step to try it with the S602. There is a good bit of vignette free zoom back range to at least 500mm so that a range of from 500 to 630mm is useable.



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is there any other affordable telephoto lens for s602 other than fuji's 1.5x one?
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The difficulty is deciding what "affordable" means in the relevant sense. My favorite telephoto lens for the camera is the Olympus B-300 1.7x.

It's hard to find and generally sells for around $200 U.S. Considering its quality, I think it's an excellent bargain. Also the Olympus TCON-14B is available. It's a 1.45X with equal or better optics than the B-300. It's much larger, heavier and about the same price.

I haven't used Fuji's own 1.5x, but I'm certain that it's no better than the Olympus TCON-14B and probably not any better than the Olympus B-300 which was actually designed for the Olympus fixed lens 35mm film cameras. The B-300 has the added advantage of not needing a step-down or step-up ring since it has 55mm filter threads.

I would tend to stay far away from the run-of-the-mill 2x and 1.8x, etc., from companies like Raynox, Titanium, etc. They just don't have the optics to do justice to this camera.

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