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Default s602 + adapter ring + additonal lens explained

It's quite confusing but hopefully you'll know what you need to know about fuji adapters

The Fuji 602zoom camera can accomodate filters and additional wideangle or telephoto lens via a n adapter ring. This attaches onto a 55mm thread loacated at the base of the lens near the manual focus ring.

The adapter ring (AR-FX9) screws into the camera and then either a filter, wideangle or telephoto lens can be attached

The picture below shows the S602 with the adapter ring and the wideangle lens (WL-FX9 )

Below you can see the s602 with an adapter ring and the telephoto lens (TL-FX9)

Here is a side view off the wideangle lens, telephoto lens and the adapter ring.

This is a close up of the telephoto and wideangle lens' attached to adapter rings

Below is a frontal view of the telephoto and wideangle lens

You can see that filters cannot be directly attached to the lens'. But someone has come up with a DIY filter holder Vox know the address, but i have also found this site http://www.camerashed.co.uk/ with some interesting ideas

Other than that I'll post some test photos soon!
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Hi, somebody made an adaptor using the push-on plastic lens cap that comes with the WA lens.

The right way is a lathe turned push on adaptor with thread. I looked into this a while ago. The adaptor has to be specially made (in UK). Also I think you have to move up to bigger size ring and filters which suddenly get expensive. Haven't found a hood that fits the WA lens yet. Isn't it annoying Fuji don't thread their lenses?

Some people fit an intermediate adaptor between the WA lens and extension tube (Hoya I think) but I read a post recently, suggesting some UV filter glass can actually touch the rear WA lens element when screwed on - so be careful.

PS: Good pics to show how the lenses all fit!
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Davebaird your wonderful. I can't tell you how much this helps. I am looking forward to seeing your picturs. As I put in another post, I have another question forming regarding filters, but I need time to process all of the information I'm gathering.

Thanks again!

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Default Filter Adapter Success

Just a note, I ran into the same frustration with the new Fuji s7000 + telephoto lens. There are several work arounds posted in various locations, but this seemed the easiests, sturdiest, and least harmful (ie: no glue, sanding, etc...) I reccomend anyone wanting to use filters with either the telephoto or wise angle check this out: http://www.camerashed.co.uk/project2.asp

And from personal experience, I actually PREFERED to use a filter with a metal ring, not platic because it was VERY easy to pull out using a needle nose pliers. Just a couple of twists & it was completely out. No cutting / shaving as mentioned in the orgiinal post!

Hope this helps!
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