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Old Dawg Jun 21, 2003 9:19 AM

S602 File Name Issue
I just started using my S602 and I am very happy with the results. I am having a file name issue that I can't resolve. Whenever I remove the smart media from the camera and move the images off via an external reader and then reinsert the media in the camera the file starts with 001 again. Is there any way to continue with the next sequential number from where I left off? Thanks for your help.

voxmagna Jun 21, 2003 9:36 AM

Yours is a common question, plenty of work arounds here if you search the Forum. I think the FinePix software allows batch rename, so just copy the files to a directory, batch rename to a new filename and sequence. I use ACDSee for this, wiped the Fuji stuff off ages ago.

Alternatively, remember to leave the last pic on the card, and the numbering sequence will keep incrementing. The problem with this is it's a good idea to re-format the card in cam occasionally, specially if you think the saves are slowing up. I think you can copy the last pic without editing, format the card in cam, and put it back to keep the sequence going.

maxx1812 Jul 5, 2003 2:07 PM

similar problems
I am having a similar problem. I am taking advantage of the dual mediums (SM & CF) while taking pictures. I just upgraded from the 6900 and with that camera alone I have taken over 13,000 pictures. I have them categorized on a backup server according to date. Just yesterday (4th of July) I was using the CF as a primary and once that one ran out of room I switched to the SM as the primary. When I came home to unload the pictures, both the CF and the SM were using the same exact file names. I have looked all over for the frame number settings and cannot find them in the manual or on the camera. The fact that the 6900 had that setting was great. I need for it to have that setting due to the massive amounts of pictures I take. I have contacted Fuji about this and have not received a response yet. I will try the FinePix software and see if it will work. If anyone has any other suggestions, please, let me know.

voxmagna Jul 5, 2003 2:48 PM

If you leave a dummy file on each media, each separated a thousand or so, and then delete all but the last pic each time, the files should never synchronise and each upload will keep appending the file number sequentially, so you won't find the same number on your pc either. This is partly a guess, I know it works for one card, but I've never tried it switching between cards from the menu. I'm thinking the 602 will always check the last file written, before writing the next and increment.

Some cams will not read a file that has been altered in size and then uploaded. A dummy file can be a file left on the card, which has been renamed using the same Fuji naming convention, via your reader. Check you can still preview it in the cam. VOX

I've added another snippet:

After you've copied the files across, via your reader, select 'properties' and tick 'read only' for the last file. When you erase 'all frames' in the 602, It will leave the last frame as a 'protected file'. Obviously you can only change the read only attribute for protected files outside the camera - which makes it a good security measure.

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