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Default s602 moving sports pictures

I'm considering purchasing the s602 camera because it has the first and last frame option that captures sports images 5 fps. Can anyone out there attest that that mode works well? I have the oly 100rs camera and to this point its the only fast action digital camera that can capture action shots good, but its only a 1.2 megapixel. This camera by what ive read can do 5 fps and thats not to far off from the 7fps the oly100rs does. Before i buy this i would love to hear feedback from anyone whos used this camera and that 5fps option. I really need to know if when there taken are they blurrrrrrrrrrry peace. Chris Carr Salem Mass
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Default Final five burst mode

Well i havent done sports exactly but have shot fast moving radio controlled airplanes some of which were moving at over 60 MPH. As long as you get a good focus lock they are very sharp pictures. Focus lock on this camera is the fastest i have ever used so it should'nt be a problem or just focus on a spot were you think the action will take place. But for me since there ariplanes which go anywere I have found that using the AE-L which locks the exposer settings speeds the focus lock by a half second so with the AE-L button locked and then getting a focus lock which is real real quick once the exposer is locked then firing off the final five mode i can capture fast moving airplanes midair with excellant sharpness. I have a picture posted in the "other" section on this forum if you want to take a look. For taking either football or baseball, soccer shots should be easy compared to 60 mph R/C airplanes. Of couse after you take the shots it takes a little time to write the 5 recored pictures to the media.

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Default Thanks for your rapid response:)

i must say thank you in advance for repsonding so quickly. My son plays hockey, baseball and basketball , he's 11. The oly100rs is great outdoors but you can only print them to 4x6 max if you want nice clarity in your pictures. Forget about inside hockey pictures.......... ive tried everything no luck, but i keep experimenting along. This camera really caught my eye when reading about it, with the higher pixelation even the out door pictures will be clearer. I'd love to see a few of your radio controlled action shots. Could you email me a few? here is my email otherwise link me to a page you might have and ill view them there. Id' really love to see some shots before i but this camera. Thanks. [email protected]
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Default samples

Hi, I've posted a couple random samples. The first is some folks playing ultimate where there are moving very fast, but even when they are in the shade, there is a good amount of light (those shots really use the zoom-- I am way off field). Harder action shot is trying to catch a good pose in a math talk from the back row without disturbing the audience with flash. All were shot auto, I suspect one can do better tuning options. I will leave the samples for a couple weeks at:
All were shot 3M Fine, I definitely find the sport mode very useful.
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