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Hi everyone,
Anyone tell me if this is a problem I can solve or do I need to return the S6500 ?
Had the camera for just 6 months, wanted to get to know it before having to use it.
Has been working without a problem and have been really happy with it for the price.
Went out last Thursday to shoot some stuff in the country, every shot is coming out 95% white as if the shutters been opened fully for every shot. Also every frame has what can only describe as a moray pattern all over it. When I capture the frame on the screen is white so I guess that's how it's being captured. Oddly, shots indoors look fine (apart from the patterning).

I've reset the S6500 (twice) without any change, but reformatting the xd card seems to have removed the pattern over lay but it still won't take a shot outside (although indoors seems fine ??).

I've tried it set to auto, natural and tried setting the f stops manually, no joy. It seems to ignore any exposure setting I give it.
So, is there a ‘maser reset' hidden in the menu somewhere I can try ?
Do Fuji release firmware upgrades that can be flashed through usb ?
Or can anyone suggest something ??

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That sounds to me like a faulty sensor. That isn't a common problem with the 6000/6500 as far as I know, but it can happen and it sounds like it has in your case. Contact Fuji as soon as possible.
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I did think it might have a dude sensor but why then do all the shots indoors look ok ?

I've called Fuji and they're going to get it picked up in the next few days, so we'll see..
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I always get concerned when someone has a problem with the same model camera that I own. Could you post an outside pic with the problem, as well as an inside pic without the problem? Maybe something will show up in the EXIF data that will help.

I'm not following the reformatting of the xD trick...maybe if I can see a couple of your pics...

the Hun

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OK I know it seems I don't know much since I posted very little here but I suggest you look at the diaphragm. It's prabably stuck wide open. Which means your diaphragm/shutter assembly is probably defective. Have a look at it outside while taking a picture.

OK forgot to add... In case it wasn't obvious... The iris should close down to the set F stop while shooting, orient the lens towards the sky and peek nto it while pressing the shutter...

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