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junglereptiles Jul 25, 2004 8:51 PM

I just bought the s7000, it should be here by the end of the week! Any how,

I was reading you can add a cable release? Were can a find one? I havent seen any for sale any were. Also how does it work? Is it a cable or is it electirck? And one last thing. Were can I find hand held flashes for the hot shoe? I do allot of close up macro and a hand held flash wired to the hot shoe is what I need.

Any how,


drewson Jul 26, 2004 7:07 PM

This company sells a cable release for the FUJI S7000. Look on the bottom of the page

[email protected] Jul 27, 2004 12:43 PM

Hiya, you can use ANY firing cable on the S7000, it's a standard fitting, BUT there is a big difference in quality. Some are plain $HIT !! They stick, heavy to use, jam ON etc so try one out in a photo shop first. ALSO, there are air-bulb types. These are EXCELLENT !!! BEAUTIFUL action and you can literally add dozens of feet of tube WITHOUT creating any problems. As for the Flash issue, try this -
You can buy a cheap PC adapter literally anywhere and just plug it into the Flash unit. You can also get splitters. It works GREAT.

junglereptiles Jul 27, 2004 7:58 PM

Thanks allot!

About the flash, I saw somthing like that on Ebay, I have one last thing.... Is every hot shoe on each camera diffrent? I noticed some flashes were for nikons and others were for some other brand. How do I know what will work on my s7000?

Any how,


drewson Jul 28, 2004 9:57 AM

Many digital cameras have special hot shoe contacts specific to a flash designed for that camera. But they all have the basic center contact for "external" strobe or studio flash triggering. The Fuji S7000 hot shoe will work with most hot shoe mount flash units like Sunpak, and with a hot shoe adaptor, that will trigger studio flash units.

Hot shoe adaptors and accessories for the Fuji S7000 can be found at;

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