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rossnunn.com wrote:
Ok's just got back in from taking some photos at dusk of my car.
I had the camera wound up to 12MpF & pretty much all the shots are utter rubbish.
I was using a tripod & had the camera set on Auto as I was freezing my butt off & wanted to grsome shots before sundown.
Anyway, get them back home & every single one is grainy, & not just not a little bit either.
I have printed one of the photo's out to see if it's my montior screwing them up, so upped my Epson R300 to flatout & ran off a 6x4 & the result? grainy!

This is starting to get me down, I see some peoples photo's are pin sharp & crystal clear & they're only using cheapie point & click jobbies.
I'll try downing to 1Mb & see what happens tomorrow night.
I'n the mean time here is one of the images:


I've resized it so if you want the native let me know & I'll upload it.
You can seen the grain on the red parts & on the alloys.

What settings did you use for the shot in the above link? (it doesn't seem to have any EXIF info).

If the camera is set to auto then it will use a high ISO under these conditions and this will increase the noise. You would have to set a low ISO and use a longer exposure (and a tripod or other support).

Apologies if you have already considered this.

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Hi guys.

I've just taken this picture today.
The ISO was set to 200, the lowest the S7000 will go.
It was on a tripod with a 2 second delay & the result still looks grainy to me.
I've resized the image but told it to keep the file info.

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Old Feb 17, 2008, 6:54 PM   #13
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Took some more dusk shots tonight all have grain.
If anyone has a S7000 could they try some & let me know your results.
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