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AidansDad Oct 1, 2003 9:42 AM

s7000 "official" sample pics on fuji's website
Hi new here, I've lurked for a while. but I've been waiting on the S7000 release and today found sample pics on fuji's webite as well as user manual (read up on it in advance)

Of course they (the sample pics) all look good (they wouldn't post them if didn't.) they are the full 12MP size. . . . . what is impressive is with the 12MP size you can crop out a lot of the picture in post processing and still have a lot of megapixels left to get nice large prints.

of course the downside of this is the image size (I think the samples are right around 3 MB) which in addition to taking up more storage also makes any post processing (color balance, saturation adjustments etc) take quite a bit longer. Just for kicks I saved one and ran paint shop pro 8's one step photo fix - which runs color balance, contrast, clarify, saturation, edge preserving smooth, and sharpen filters all at auto settings. It's taking forever to run and generally slowly the computer to a crawl (p4 1.5ghz) I should've probably noted the time, but I didn't . I suspect it's pushing 5 minutes now though. Perhaps the compromise is to use the 6MP setting.

I am impressed with the 12MP images though. . . . . I wasn't sure if I was buying into the whole interloped "recorded" pixels, but they look pretty good.

digifan Oct 1, 2003 2:12 PM

S7000 "official" sample pics on fuji's website
Well, I've seen them too and my conclusion is that they aren't too bad either.
Allthough a lot of critics say the opposite (see dpreview FTF, but only one serious review by Tigadee).
At present I'm a S602z owner and a little disapointed about the S7000's speed (only 3.3 pics / second).
The S7000 is not a real up (more a replacement) to the S602z but the higher pixel count is tempting.
A lot off new 5+ MP cameras will be released, like Sony F828 or Minolta A1, but they seem to be as, or more expensive as the 300D by Canon. The Fuji though is very nicely priced.
I personally don't want to stagger around with the heavy gear you need for dSLR's (the standard 18-55 won't satisfy me so I would want different lenses), but than again I'm NOT a real PRO (I don't have to make a living with it). I think picture quality will be more than sufficient to get an A3 print with the Fuji. So I think it will be very heavy competition for the Minolta, Sony and Canon.
Oh yeah noise and such of the S7000, they are only in the eyes/mind of the real PRO, but acceptable for the majority of the people who will see your pics. (most of the time they don't even see it).
The bottom line is that the Fuji will be the better deal for the majority of beginners, amateurs and maybe some PRO's as well or you must be loaded, or indifferent about money.
Fuji S7000 will be intro at ~$799, Minolta A1 and Sony at ~$1199 and Canon ~$999 (but with the canon you need a second lens if you are lokking for the range up to 200mm which will cost you at least ~$300).
The above could easily pin me down as a FujiFan but I'm not.
I'm just realistic here. But if prices drop to just a few $ above, or equal to, that of the Fuji I will be more critical about pic quality myself and will maybe make a different choice.

Mr. Pickles Oct 3, 2003 8:58 PM

s7000 images
These images are not a tremendous improvement over the s602. yes, they are twice as big. They certainly are not bad by any means. The second sample does have some purple fringing, mostly where the dark window panes touch the whitish parts. It is fairly bad in some places, and you can see some in her hair, but isn't that bad.

Not too much in sample 3 though. Looks like they have the purple issue in certain situations. Both 2 and 3 were both shot at iso 200, and the softness is normal, which looks pretty soft too me, so maybe they improved it a bit...?

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