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Originally Posted by divedr
Yes you are correct, I stand corrected RAW must be interpolated in order to produce a viewable image. Sorry, my mistake. That being said, a "Fine" 6MP mode with less aggressive compression would be very nice, don't you think?
I agree. I have little use for the maximum resolution from the S7000. A 6MP FINE JPEG setting would be ideal too me.

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Default Re: 12MP-Fine versus 12MP-Normal & JPEG Compression

However, close examination of actual photes show that that the s7000's "normal" JPG output (at 12MP) is surprisingly better than the 12MP-Fine. JPEG coversions tests () on the many sample test shots show a typically, 98/99% for 12MP-Fine and 91/95 for 12MP-Normal and 6MP-Normal. I suspect there is something else in the s7000 processing that impacts the qaulity more than the conversion.
I would like to see evidence. Please set you camera to manual, find a fixed aperature and shutter that is appropriate. Turn off Auto Focus(after getting a single locked AF). Now, tripod mount the camera. Take an image of a fixed scene using the timer or a shutter release cable in 12M Normal and 12M Fine. For subject matter, choose a landssape scenere were lots of detail is in the distance. Post the images unedited from camera. If you dont have space avaialble, contact me at [email protected] and I will provide you with a ftp server to temporarily use/host the files.

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Default WmAx I tried the test with tripod and charts

I did the test with both a resolution test and image noise test. The images do appear better with the normal 12MP. However a close look shows the image to be soft. It looks like some in camera processing of the images softens them so the noise is not as apparent. I also did a RAW photo of the same and it was almost identical to the 12MP Fine. If you use some software noise reduction (softening) it looks more like the 12 normal. I can post examples if you would like to see for yourself.
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HST ....Nice to see that another person agrees that the 12MP-Normal PIC looks better than the Fine in more cases than visa-versa. I finished my own testing many many test shots and, observing other forum memmber test-PICs too. The results are, pretty consistent and, similar to yours albeit, quite dependant on the subject matter. I now shoot most all my PICs at 12MP-Normal.

BTW: I have not had good success with raw files (Fujior s7raw.exe converts) but mostly because my lousy tweeking skills. I am just unable to match the in-camer 12MP-F or 12MP-N image quality. .....However, I've seen a sample PIC (from Divdr) of a raw s7000 file being passed through the new Photoshop CS (with its built-in s7000 raw converter.) Its default settings produce a magnificant (almost perfect) image, superior to 12MP-Fine and 12MP-Normal, by all measurements. Too bad it's so expensive.
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