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Came across this review on another forum.


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Some strange points in this review.

For example: AA battery power as a dislike. :roll:
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Forget this review. The author appears to be whinning.

Imagine writing the following in a review:

"By the time a conversion lens and a flash attachment is added, photographers will have to haul a sturdy tripod to keep the camera steady. Because the Fujifilm S9000 is bulkier and heavier than most consumer-level cameras, a camera bag will be a definite necessity. The bag should be made to fit SLR cameras, as this model has a protruding lens and grip. Unfortunately, without the option to detach the lens, the S9000 is even less portable than most DSLRs (though probably lighter). "

When I read this I took the reviewer's comments with much less than a grain of salt.

With all those Nikon ads between the lines of the review, I felt that the bias was based on commercialism in additon to ignorance.

Regards, Nicholas

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Read my comments here http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...16&page=20

I think that the practice of putting numerical scores to subjective features is about as effective here as it is in figure skating. Now where was that French judge again?

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This was an interesting review . . . more funny than anything though.

"The flash actually pops up quite violently; it could probably sever a finger if it got in the way." - Really?haha that is just hilarious!

"The S9000's movie mode doesn't have any frills, but is certainly substantial with its VGA size and nice frame rate, and does its best to compensate for its lack of lens interchangeability." - I forgot that this camera is apparently a video camera first, then still camera second lol.

And I really like the statement that AA's were a pain . . . um . . . ok?!? So basically the first review has been a joke, apparently from a person that doesnt really know who this camera is aimed at.
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With Nikon ads appearing several times on every page of the review, what would you expect them to say? I have mixed emotions about the comment about the batteries. I have another digital camera that uses one of the lithium ion batteries, and it does seem to perform a little better. I purchased a second battery from ebatts.com, and found that combination to work very well. However, I have been quite satisfied with the AA battery performance in my 5100. I was surprised that I could see a definite difference between 2200 maH and 2500 maH. I might have got the abbreviation wrong, but you know what I mean. The 9000 is still definitely on my wish list.
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With regard to AA batteries, I have a Uniross Sprint 15min charger, and it charges 2500mah batteries in about an hour. I always have a couple of batches of 4 charged and spare. One of my criteria for a camera was AA's, because teh rechargeargeables are so cheap and easy to get. In an emergency, there are always Duracells.

Bestest wishes

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Believe it or not, fuji has been in the photo sensor business a long long time ago since once upon a time. Remember in the old days 35mm films, where did we get our films developed and printed? Their commercial One Hour Lab, now even with more sophisticated versions in Wal-Mart, Cosco...and other photo labs around the world.

That sensor scans our negatives and filters the right color to print our pictures, they arenow in our family albums. Those photo microelectronic engineers are now working on these Fuji digital cameras sensor design.

Look at how they named their latest CCD sensor, "Fifth Generation", they are playing the number's game well, other camera makers named their sensor, "XYZ Technology"... Fuji numbered their sensor give people the impression there will be more to come, sixth, seventh...in the future. Lately, they set their ISO standard from 80 to 1600 in two new cameras S5200 and the ultimate killing machine S9000 which is now right at the borderline of low end DSLR with their 11.7X zoom pointing straight ahead loaded with 9MP shell,harassing those targets on the other side.

Watch, Fuji has set the stage to engage the enemies, they gradually clean up their sensor noise from 80 all the way up to 1600 from now onbegining one step at a time,leaving them one more step open at 3200, we start to see their intentionin the new colorof Fujisensors. Some camera manufacturerwill go broke to enter the small sensor race with Fuji. Do you think those Fuji engineers want to collect unemployment benefits? They know their commercial printing business does not have a bright future, they are now switching to digital camera sensors.

The S9000 with almost full feature, is cheap and low cost maintenance compare to basic DSLR with dedicated flash and necessary lenses not to mention macro, andquality lenses to become usable system, with basic kit lens is just a$1,000 stereo systemwith K-Mart speakers.

Camera makers better put more features on their amateur DSLRs to hold Fuji back, don't let the S9000cross the border under total darkness, if not today, tomorrow you will see Fuji S9000 EFP version, EFP=Extra Fire Power.

Remember these Fuji guys just don't know how to stop, they read STOP= Slow To Observe Police, no wonder they get alot of traffic tickets.


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I don't understand all this talk about the "enemy". There are no enemies here, just competitors. There are a lot of good cameras on the market. I have great respect for some of the cameras from Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and others. I think the Fuji 9000 looks like a pretty good camera, but I am convinced that it isn't the best, and probably is not a good choice for many people. But these discussions have become so emotional. I think everyone should evaluate their resources, look at the cameras available to see which one that they can afford will most effectively fill their photographic needs AND their emotional needs, and then purchase accordingly. Several of the people who are defending the 9000 so forcefully don't even have one yet. So, why in the world are you telling everyone that it is absolutely the most incredible camera on the market. It just isn't! Let's get the emotions out of this and look at things objectively.
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