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white dress, black tuxedo, purple flower.

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Sorry, I have no idea what you meant by that statement. It must have something to do with your cheesy espionage/warfare theme that you have been carrying on now for some time. It isn't cute, or funny, just dumb.
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I own one European 9500, just recalling read of some "Poor" quality check, or result with US model S9000...is that true?

Mine is for me superb...in sharpness!

Any input..will make me feel better!:?

Thanks in advance,

Alex 007
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jphess wrote:
But these discussions have become so emotional. I think everyone should evaluate their resources, look at the cameras available to see which one that they can afford will most effectively fill their photographic needs AND their emotional needs, and then purchase accordingly. Several of the people who are defending the 9000 so forcefully don't even have one yet. So, why in the world are you telling everyone that it is absolutely the most incredible camera on the market. It just isn't! Let's get the emotions out of this and look at things objectively.
Nicely spoken. But maybe your expectations on human nature are a wee bit too high...

It's always the same pattern of self reassuring behaviour: try convincing everyone else that what you're buying is best suited for them as well! It'll make you feel better.

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Well said all round JP - I cannot understand an emotional attachment to any one product or brand unless one happens to be a shareholder or executive of that particular company. I'm certainly not an expert on the subject but it seems to me thatlike cars, there are plenty of good cameras around each withtheir own distinctive pros & cons. What suits &meets my needin a particular camera today may not necesessarilyhold true in a year from now, when I may well have decided a Nikon DSLR hasmore appeal - as and ifmycircumstanceschange.Then again,l may still be with a 9500 and enjoying it just as much.

Fanaticism in any area of life is a dangerous and debilitating condition - itcontributes to intellectual myopia andfuelsunneccessary conflict.
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That review its wrong in almost every sentence!!

A got my camera about 3 hours ago. I was afraid I could get one of thouse "bad ones" but what a relief. The cam is absolutly great!!

I didnt had time to try nothing else, just to slap a new B+W UV filter a try some shots with the standard settings. The pics at 28, 135 and 300 where really very impressive! Very sharp and detaild. And i dont yet know the camera realy well.

It focus very fast on good light and if you use the fast shooting mode you can focus as fast as a DSLR, it comsumes more bat but its there if neaded.

As for the shutter lag, i see no diference from a DSLR.

And the panic about that 1 sec delay after a shot? No way, its as fast as a mirror change on a DSLR. Even if you use the internal flash and got 2100+ bats is reacharges very fast, no more tham 2-4 secs delay. And more, if in that time you half press the shutter, it stops the recharging, clears (goes live) the EVF or LCD and focus the shot. If you release the shutter it continues to charge. Of course if you shot before the flash is ready, it wont fire the flash, duh! Wont more, buy a extrernal manual or auto flash!

And the so called grainy EVF? Well, you should campare the others 135k pixels models to this 235k EVF and see what is a grainy EVF!

Movie mode? didnt try that. I wont use it.

The only real thing I didnt like was the sound it makes when focusing and changing apertures fast (when pointing the cam form daylight to a dark place). But who cares about that!!

Great cam, great pics. I had a S5000, a S5500 and now the S9500. I just love Fuji!!
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