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Okay , so maybe i have a little too much time on my hands, but i was looking down through the lens of my finepix s9500 and i was particularly interested in seeing the aperture ring open and close as it does on my slr, i noted however that changing the F No (right across the range) , doesnt actually change the size of the aperture, the only time it seems to change size is when a light source is introduced ie a small torch. This has me confused as i cant see what would be the point in including the option to change aperture size if all it does is ignore you and does it by itself? Can anyone offer an explanation? PS, the camera was in manual mode.the same thing happens in shutter priority and aperture priority too
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I suppose not all SLR cameras operate the same way. One film SLR that I used didn't adjust the aperture as I turned the control ring. It was designed to stay in the wide-open position until just before the picture was taken. This was to maximize the amount of light that could be seen in the viewfinder. It had a depth of field preview button that would force the aperture to close to the chosen setting so that one could preview the depth of field in the viewfinder. I suspect the digital EVF cameras are similarly designed so that there will be enough light to enable you to compose your photograph. Since it is possible to get immediate feedback as to the effectiveness of the setting, the depth of field preview is probably not as useful as it was in the film days.
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The DOF is so deep on digicams (and hard to evaluate on the EVF anyway)

For shallow DOF I just open the aperture all the way up in A mode and hope for the best to be honest.

I agree that the aperture is probably only set when you press the shutter though. On my S7000 you could see the little blades of the iris, but it's buried deeper on the S9500's lens
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