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I m new on this forum and just an amateur ( and english is not my first language...)
I ve taken some pix with my new s9500 ( bought in France S/N 53Q63411 ).I use it mainly for portraits pix.
I m a bit disappointed about 2 things:
-The autofocus which is very slow when using a the zoom ( even atshort focal length)
-The autofocus quality ( low precision)

Do you have the same feeling ?

I post one pix( just cropped and resized ) and I need your comments
Is it normal that an eye looks ok and the other one is blurred ?

(1:60s - Flash - f3.7 - 15.4mm focal )

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I initially felt the same way until I increased the sharpening and saturation onmy S-9000. Since then, things have looked much better.

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Old Jan 9, 2006, 12:49 AM   #3
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Look good to me. I agree about the slow autofocus especially when it is in low lighting condition because it will also use AF-illuiminator, but focusing manually is other alternative. Have you try it.

BTW why do you need a flash for a close up photo, thats why the eyes have problems because the flash is moredirected towards the right. Try using the N mode on your camera when on a low lighting condition.
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Old Jan 10, 2006, 4:37 AM   #4
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my idea is that it s a bit difficult to focus manually when the subject is a child but i will trymanual focus. Thanks for your advice

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Old Jan 12, 2006, 9:17 AM   #5
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Hope this helps...

Try putting your cam on manual focus, then pressing the button in on the manual focus selector - this auto sets the focus for you.

Dont ask me why but sometimes when I have the cam on 'auto' and I use the regular way of auto-focusing (half press shutter button) it cant focus and gives a red AF because it cant auto focus.

When I put it on manual focus and use the botton on the side of the camera I find it almost 100% reliable + very sharp. Odd.

I must add that I usually get the auto focus prob in low light or big zoom.

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Old Jan 12, 2006, 11:55 AM   #6
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Here is another idea that might be helpful to some. With my 5100, I found that at birthday parties or other family events where there is a lot of activity and excitement someone using my camera might forget to wait for the be-beep to confirm the autofocus. So on Christmas morning I decided to switch the camera to continuous autofocus (C-AF) to see if that would make any difference. At previous activities we would always have five or six pictures that were out of focus. But on Christmas morning every picture came out sharp and clear. It seemed like as soon as the button was pressed you would hear the confirmation. The manual warns about paying particular attention to the batteries because they will run down faster. In my opinion all you need to do is make sure you have loaded a fresh set of 2500 MaH rechargeable batteries. We took a lot of pictures that day, and the low battery warning never appeared. Just have another set in reserve just in case.
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Old Feb 22, 2006, 8:45 AM   #7
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I don't think so.

I'm a new s9500 user. I prefered this camera for it's wide angle + zoom and 30fps movie mode, after reading many reviews and comments.

For me is autofocusvery faster than my Olympus 8080.
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Old Feb 22, 2006, 5:53 PM   #8
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When you are taking photo at less than 3mtrs 10ft away, use the first macro setting. Check Focal range on page 50 of the manual. The camera will focus much faster and you will have a narrower depth of field.

Sel ......
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Old Feb 28, 2006, 9:28 PM   #9
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To me there is something amiss here!! The whole right side of the picture is fogged, low contrast. Notice the shoulder on the left and then the one on the right. The left eye (our perspective) is crisp but the right eye is dimmer, less contrast.

Check the front of the lens 'carefully' and see if there are little fingerprints on the front of the lens, especially on the one side. If there are you must use soft cloth to remove them.

Personally, I see it on my LCD monitor the lack of contrast on the one side of the image. If it were a film camera I would suspect the film was fogged from a light leak.

I think it warrants a closer examination.

edit: I downloaded the image and looked at it with Adobe CS a lot more closely. I wanted to to see what the "analysis" told me from fact and figrue and not from my "perception" I zoomed in quite heavy and looked at the darkest part of the right eye. Best K or "black" there as 58% with most being in the 40's to low 40's % range. On the left eye the black was as high as 76% with many points being in the middle 70's range %. The red on the left shoulder was also higher in the "red" of the RGB than was the red on the right, and not a close margin either. This is just what Photoshop is telling me. It says that there is less saturation and depth of color on the right by XX% as opposed to similar scenes on the left. Really odd to me at least.


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Old Mar 2, 2006, 3:40 PM   #10
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I agree, if you find your lense is dirty. why not buy a UV or a skyfilter to protect the optical surfaces, they are relatively cheap @ sub £20.

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