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just4clix Dec 17, 2011 9:44 AM

Santa shoot
I have been invited by a local restauant to take pics of kids today with santa. The owner is a real good friend of mine. He said he can't take nice pics so he asked me to do it. I told him no I am going to use my HS 20, would EXR auto be the best setting, or just straight auto? He wants to put these pics on his FB account and also print some to hang on the walls of his restaurant. I hope he has a backdrop for this gig, because he has many large windows that let tons of light in..YIKES! If he has dedicatedarea set up, then no problems. What are some manual settings I can use just in case? Thanks......J4c

bugsbunny Dec 17, 2011 12:30 PM

Use the P mode, or the S mode if you use the zoom frequently, just to be sure the shutter is fast enough.
Thats my tip. And also I think you can set the color setting to High, kids are always so colourful ...
And dont forget the white ballance :)

PS : Tone setting is also good to be set to High. You will save time on PP.

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