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We have our anual Canada Day coming up in less than 2 weeks,and its been years since i attended the fireworks.

i want to attend this year since i have a camera that has a setting to take photos of fireworks,but since its new to me i,ll need some prier prepping/help before i go.

high speed shooting,sould i have this on or off?

Setting Exsposure Time,,where should i have that? (was messing around with that few nights back,n kinda forgot where it was set factory/new) It's set at 2'' now.

and whats the diff between a number there with " mark after it (example 2")and a number without that mark (example 2)?
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First of all you should study the Fuji S-700 camera handbook on this function. The description begins on page 55. The Fireworks mode is found on page 56. Note too that on page 56, it clearly say: "use the camera on a tripod." It also says: "The shutter setting is 1/2 to 4 second."

So, you must understand that these will not be handheld shots. The shutter on your camera will be open anywhere fro 1/2 second to 4 seconds, therefore a tripod is mandatory. It will also take a bit of experimentation to get the photos that you desire. You should not use high speed shooting (Burst Mode). The is a selection for "SP-1" and "SP-2" because that allows you to store two scene modes on your S-700 ready for instant use.

You see, reading the Manual for the Fuji S-700 can always produce an answer. Good luck!

Sarah Joyce
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Sarah Thank you very much for your advise,i certainly appreciate it.
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Hi CoolD. As a fellow Canadian I too waited a year to get Canada Day shots of the fireworks. The show usually lasts 15 minutes of non stop explosions done to music. I hope you didnt do what I did. I assumed the batteries would last at least 13 minutes longer than they did. They died just over a minute into the show. So its wait another year and try not to be such a bonehead next time. The pic below is a composite of 8 shots that I did manage to get.
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