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I bought a cheap 2x teleconverter for my s7000, from off of ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...836738944&rd=1

Below are some pics I took from the sidewalk outside my house today with it. These images are shrunk considerably, but I think you can still see the blurry distortions in the corners. Fairly disappointing. Would I get better results from something like an Olympus TCON17 1.7x teleconverter? I took these with the camera mounted on a tripod, using a remote cable release. I set the adapter option to "Yes" and used Landscape SP mode.

The area at 1x magnification - no teleconverter (it was overcast right at the moment I took this one):

6x zoom of some houses down the hill - no teleconverter:

A couple of pics with the teleconverter attached, and at full 6x zoom. Note the obvious blurry edges:

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May I suggest that you repeat your photographs again, but use either Aperture Priority or Manual mode. The reason for this is that the smallest aperture of the camera, F8 can be set in either of these modes, ensuring maximum depth of field. I would certainly recommend that you continue to use your tripod & cable release to ensure the best quality from your photographs.

This will be oflittle comfort to you, but I askedfor imformationon this forum some time ago, about the "cheap" lenses that appear on e-bay. The general census of opinion was "steer clear" as they tend to be of poor quality. I was advised to look at Olympus TCON-17, Raynox and Fuji lenses.

I hope this info is of some use and that you check out the many informative postings on this excellent forum.

Regards Pava
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That's the same effect that I get when I put the inexpensive Sony 2X adaptor I have on my S5000. The problem with the inexpensive adaptors is that they are actually made for a videocam, which has a lot lower resolution than your S7000. You'll notice a pretty good improvement with either the Olympus TCON or the Fuji, and probably with the Raynox, too, as they're actually made for digicams.
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