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SteveDak wrote:
Thanks Andy, so the serial no is the one you quoted in your original posts?

Must admit that the 9500 is not being pushed here that much either - the 5600seems to have far more prominence of place in many of the outlets but that might well be a price issue. One thing I can say is thatI am able to pick up the 9500 at a really good price from one or two of our outlets (just a little more than cost in one instance - competitive market here and mutterings of 'lost leader' justify the somewhat erratic pricing I've come across/been able to push for). If I wasn't so darn nervous about the quality issue I'd jump right now but I'm resolved to wait until the new year when hopefully any initial problem unitsmight havemoved.Wouldn't be the first time South Africa has been used as a dumping ground.

Great pity you didn't push for what the problem with yours was but I guess you were just happy to get it back, working the way its supposed to! Still don't buy a brand new cameraneeding to go in for a full service - I had something similarwith a new car once and got it replacedafter I managed toput the manufacturer on the spot. The obvious improvement in the performance of your camera suggests to me a part replacement / re-seating which would tie in witha theory I'm working on.

I also have had a good long look at the D50 (& D70 which my brother has) - very nice cameraand obvious quality. If these apparent quality issues with the 9500 don't die down soon, my eye might just start wandering although by choice the 9500 is still the bestoption for me - but notif there isa chance of problems. Our local mag did quite a nice but brief review onthe 9500but then again, Fuji areprobably theirprincipal advertiser!

Steve yes the same serial number sorry I replied in the other thread your assumption is correct just happy to have a working machine. Part replacement is my best guess. Judging what I was told about problem CCD's this would be the obvious course of action for Fuji and not easily verifiable by the end user! To be honest if I had had no issues with the S9500 I would never have looked at the D50 or indeed any DSLR as the Fuji suited my needs perfectly having all the things my S5500 lacked like hotshoe fixed lens etc as I said in my earlier post I am still torn over this choice and most likely I will spend the next few days figuring this out.
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